Inter lost another and Crespo

Inter lost another and CrespoForward "inter" Hernan Crespo will not be able to participate in the match against Parma because of an injury of the right thigh, informs soccerage. "Crespo got injured at the most inopportune moment, if the injury is generally the right moment. His absence will create additional problems. On the team missing because of injuries ten players, eight of whom are first-team regulars. We almost got into an extreme situation. I hope we will be able to overcome difficulties. Читать полностью -->

Uralan - Lokomotiv: evaluation of the FE

Uralan - Lokomotiv: evaluation of the FEUralan: Filimonov (K) - 5,5; Tsallagov - 5,5; Marcio - 5,5; Dal Canto - 6,0; Kuzmin - 5,0 (Vasilikon, 80's b/o); Kolodin - 6,0; Passoni - 5,5; side - 5,5; Lopez - 6,0 (Adzhindzhal, 61 - 5,0); Ospeshinski - 6,0; Tsiklauri - 6,0 (Tweaks, 62 - 5,0)Lokomotivosostav to 6.0. Confidently played with outputs at the end of the first half helped the team out after a treacherous attack Opacinskiego. To prevent a goal could not - Tsiklauri struck from close range strongly and accurately.NIZHEGORODOV to 6.0. Didn't make any mistakes, broke several dangerous counterattacks.LEKHETHO is 5.5. Was the closest to Tsiklauri at a time when listener received the ball and struck his shot into the top corner. During the break, asked for a replacement, citing fatigue.IGNASHEVICH is 5.5. Читать полностью -->

PFL of Ukraine assures that the transition Vashchuk impossible to Spartak

PFL of Ukraine assures that the transition Vashchuk impossible to Spartak"The case Vashchuk" has become these days the most discussed on the Ukrainian-Russian football spaces. Here's how commented on this situation with the transition of the captain of Kiev "Dynamo" in the camp of the Moscow "Spartak" Executive Director of PFL of Ukraine Anatoly Popov: "registered with us in Accordance with the contract Vladislav Vashchuk with Dynamo, the player is bound by the obligations with the Kiev club until 30 June 2004 and not later than 31 December this year, according to "Spartak". I also want to draw your attention to one important detail. According to General Director of "Spartacus", no Dynamo player has on hand a copy of their contract with the club. In this regard, I note that the PFL of Ukraine mandatorily requires all clubs a statement in which every player puts his signature confirming receipt of one of the three copies of his contract (two more are in his club and in the PFL). We have a sheet and Kiev "Dynamo" in which, in particular, is a signature of Vladislav Vashchuk".In a press-service of the Kiev club said they had nothing to add to the statement made earlier. Читать полностью -->

Uralan - Lokomotiv: match report

Uralan - Lokomotiv: match reportAfter the whistle of the "man in black" the railroad his whole appearance showed that they had come here only to win.As for wards Igor Shalimov, the desire to annoy last year's champion they had more than enough. Another thing is the ability. For example, in the first half Zurab Tsiklauri broke on the left flank near the penalty area struck, but he was very weak. Lokomotiv continued to maneuver around the field, searching for the keys to their goal. But the home team until a time coped with the attacks of Muscovites. Until then, until we scored.Vranes put the ball in the game from the sideline, throwing it away in the box "Loco". Читать полностью -->

Roberto Carlos: I Want to play in the final in Manchester.

Roberto Carlos: I Want to play in the final in Manchester.Before the match against Borussia Dortmund on questions about the upcoming game said one of the players for whom the game with itlto-strname" wouldn't be the first - Roberto Carlos already has experience matches with Dortmund and he knows how to play against this team. About sotm vision of the upcoming meeting and about the last match against Osasuna" the Brazilian defender told in sotm interview.- Roberto, what thoughts do you have before the game against Borussia Dortmund?- Victory will give us the opportunity to be second and to go to Dortmund with the opportunity to become first in the group. It will not be easy, but with three wins in a row we'll be the leaders of the group. It won't be easy, but we need to win because we want to play in the final in Manchester, and it needs to start winning. We have confidence and we want to start to play the position to play at old Trafford.- In the Champions League you are in an atypical situation.- Yes, but like against Milan and against "the Locomotive" we showed good football, so we're not worried. It is true that our situation has changed a bit, but we have to get out of this situation.- The opponent will play with a different attitude to you.- The fact that we have won three European cups, contributes to the fact that others are playing more aggressive against us. Читать полностью -->

Gascoyne disappointed Chinese fans

Gascoyne disappointed Chinese fansCoach of Chinese club Gansu, Tianma" not released on the 36-year-old Englishman Paul Gascoigne in the Saturday match in the first round of the Cup of China. Head coach Gong Li declined to comment on its decision."I'll work on my physical form, " said the Gascoyne. When a coach sees that I'm ready for the game, he will allow me to enter the field". Two thousand fans who paid 20 yuan ($2,4) for the ticket were dissatisfied with the absence of the illustrious Englishman.. . . Читать полностью -->

Vadim Evseev In Madrid Roberto Carlos beat me to the ball

Vadim Evseev In Madrid Roberto Carlos beat me to the ball- How needed Lokomotiv match with real Madrid in the League tournament situation?- The "real" match, of course, need more, and our task is to spoil his mood. In addition, we must not forget about the glasses for the coefficient of Russia and prize money. Finally, if in a situation where we are in the group already have no chance, they will gather a full stadium, we will have to do everything to repay. A draw would suit you?- In conditions, when "real" match from the tournament point of view, we don't, of course, arrange.- How to explain the sensational December draw "Locomotive" in Madrid?- First, we were a team on the field, not disparate players. And yet the output is to replace Obiora cool quickened our attack. After the match went on vacation full of optimism. Читать полностью -->

Atletico will not sell Fernando Torres

Atletico will not sell Fernando TorresThe President of club atlГ©tico de Madrid jesГєs Gil stated that the club is not going to refuse the services of 18-year-old team striker Fernando Torres to cover the debts of the club. Recall that the Supreme Court of Spain has recently accused Gil of fraud and illegal waste of money club and sentenced him to three and a half years of imprisonment and a fine in the amount of 10 million pounds, and also demanded from the President of Atletico Madrid to abandon the club's shares in favor of the Supreme Court of Spain. But this week it became known that Gil is going to appeal to the court to have the case reviewed. However, at the club at the moment, had the rather difficult financial situation, and if in the shortest possible time will not be taken to restore the budget, the club will suffer a deep economic crisis. "We urgently need to get a billion pesetas (approximately 4 million pounds) until the beginning of next month. Well, we don't spent all your money we have received for the broadcast of our matches. Читать полностью -->

Decided the stadium, Torino will play against Regina

Decided the stadium, Torino will play against ReginaFirst leg as hosts after the disqualification of their home stadium Torino will have to conduct on 9th March with the "Regina". The League office confirmed that the meeting will be held at the stadium "Jilla", located in Reggio Emilia.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Celebreality will see half of the matches of the football championship

Celebreality will see half of the matches of the football championshipRussian TV channels are planning to show almost half of the matches of the national football championship. Top matchups tours will show "Russia" on weekdays at 17:20, weekends at 16:00. Channel "7TV" will broadcast two matches of each round live, and "Ren-TV" - home games near Moscow "Saturn-Ren TV". Finally, there is one match on the tour will be broadcasted by NTV-Plus".. . . Читать полностью -->

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