Roberto Carlos, Raul - our leader

Roberto Carlos, Raul - our leaderBrazilian defender Madrid "real" Roberto Carlos spoke in very positive tones about the atmosphere that reigns today in his team after their recent victories. Also, the Brazilian took the opportunity to highlight the great players of the "Royal club" to achieve good results in the upcoming meetings against Villarreal "and Moscow "Locomotive"."Now the atmosphere in our team is very good. The players are very optimistic about tomorrow's game and the upcoming meeting in Moscow. Now we are at a very high level, playing equally well both in attack and in defence," said the Brazilian. Also Roberto Carlos emphasized the role of striker, "creamy" Raul."Raul is one of our key players, he is our leader. Despite his young age, he is our boss on the field and his game encourages the rest of the team. Читать полностью -->

Houllier defends Gerrard

Houllier defends GerrardThe head coach of the English "Liverpool" Gerard Houllier has asked the media not to make baiting midfielder Steven Gerrard, who in one of the matches of the national championship very roughly played against Gary Naismith from Everton.The referee of that match didn't notice obvious violation of the rules, but reporters saw the replay was stacked against the player. Houllier agreed that the offense was really rude. However, in his opinion, Gerrard acted unintentionally. "If he wanted to put his opponent hurt, he would have broken the leg," said Houllier. . . Читать полностью -->

The real appreciated Shevchenko 150 billion Lira

The real appreciated Shevchenko 150 billion LiraThe President of "Milan" Adriano Galliani has declared that his club rejected an offer from real Madrid on the sale of Andriy Shevchenko. Galliani, AC referred to the friendly relations of the player and team boss Silvio Berlusconi. "Shevchenko never told Berlusconi that he is uncomfortable in the club or that he wants to change team," said Galliani. It is reported that the Spaniards offered for the striker 150 billion lire.. . . Читать полностью -->

The match of the 2nd round ruby - torpedo-metallurg may not happen due to lack of readiness of the stadium

The match of the 2nd round ruby - torpedo-metallurg may not happen due to lack of readiness of the stadiumIn particular, the Kazan police drew attention to the lack of fences in the sector for the visiting fans and the presence of snow in the stands. The question of holding the match should be decided today. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Paolo Di Canio this summer will go to Southampton

Paolo Di Canio this summer will go to SouthamptonAfter a quarrel, a 35-year-old footballer with his mentor the current team West ham Glen Roeder he stopped to get into the first team and decided to change the club at the end of the season. Coach "Saints" Gordon Strachan is a big fan of talent Di Canio. In his opinion, the Italian is able to bring real benefits to his young team. Gordon Strachan's side not even embarrassed that is known for its scandalous reputation Legionnaire receives 30 thousand pounds a week, that is 10 thousand more than the highest-paid player, "Southampton" James Beattie.. . . Читать полностью -->

Ronaldo has recovered from injury

Ronaldo has recovered from injuryForward Madrid "real" Ronaldo said that he had recovered from injury and will be able to perform in the coming matches, including the game football Champions League with Lokomotiv on March 18 in Moscow.About this player said on Thursday in response to criticism of the press and fans during the treatment of an injury sustained during one of the last matches, he went to the city of Salamanca to play Golf. Ronaldo said that he does not consider it a violation of the sport mode, and that in his spare time he is free to do what he wants, although "not going himself to harm".Criticism of Ronaldo constantly heard also that he, according to the fans, intemperate in eating, but because has extra 4 kilos in weight. The player answers that gained in force, and thanks to the experience he already does not require too much to move on the field.Many Ronaldo fans are very worried that in his spare time he not only plays Golf, and loves to eat well at the best Madrid restaurants, and in between are readily eats hamburgers and drink Coca-Cola that athletes is not recommended.However, the fans blame not so much the player, how much his wife Milena Dominguez, nicknamed "Ronaldinha". She, according to the Spaniards, not paying enough attention to her husband and family, too keen for his own football career and a large part of his time in Italy, where he performs in the women's football team.In this situation in Spain is not without joy met passed on Thursday by the Brazilian newspaper "Jornal do Brasil" message that Ronaldo and Milena, who Wed in 1999 and have 3-year-old son Ronald, decided to divorce.According to the Brazilian newspaper, Ronaldo and Milena amicably agreed to divorce, and now seek a lawyers.. . . Читать полностью -->

Inter lost another and Crespo

Inter lost another and CrespoForward "inter" Hernan Crespo will not be able to participate in the match against Parma because of an injury of the right thigh, informs soccerage. "Crespo got injured at the most inopportune moment, if the injury is generally the right moment. His absence will create additional problems. On the team missing because of injuries ten players, eight of whom are first-team regulars. We almost got into an extreme situation. I hope we will be able to overcome difficulties. Читать полностью -->

Uralan - Lokomotiv: evaluation of the FE

Uralan - Lokomotiv: evaluation of the FEUralan: Filimonov (K) - 5,5; Tsallagov - 5,5; Marcio - 5,5; Dal Canto - 6,0; Kuzmin - 5,0 (Vasilikon, 80's b/o); Kolodin - 6,0; Passoni - 5,5; side - 5,5; Lopez - 6,0 (Adzhindzhal, 61 - 5,0); Ospeshinski - 6,0; Tsiklauri - 6,0 (Tweaks, 62 - 5,0)Lokomotivosostav to 6.0. Confidently played with outputs at the end of the first half helped the team out after a treacherous attack Opacinskiego. To prevent a goal could not - Tsiklauri struck from close range strongly and accurately.NIZHEGORODOV to 6.0. Didn't make any mistakes, broke several dangerous counterattacks.LEKHETHO is 5.5. Was the closest to Tsiklauri at a time when listener received the ball and struck his shot into the top corner. During the break, asked for a replacement, citing fatigue.IGNASHEVICH is 5.5. Читать полностью -->

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