Torpedo-metallurg got a website

Torpedo-metallurg got a websiteBefore the start of the 12th championship of Russia club "torpedo-the Metallurgist" has got the official Internet site To function at full strength it will only start with the beginning of the championship, but now the site has news about the team, and a range of other useful information on the life of "torpedo - the Metallurgist". During the championship it is planned that the site will host online broadcast of home and away matches of the club.. . . . Читать полностью -->

CL. Group b: before the fifth round

CL. Group b: before the fifth roundThe group gave the intrigue football fans. Moreover, the intrigue is not imaginary, but very real, entangled, interesting. In General, the equation with four unknown, which may not be resolved after this tour. The team will be able to solve it only in one case today in both games the home team will win victory. However, it seems unlikely, Valencia and Roma will agree with this outcome.If the match "Arsenal" - "Roma" was held a couple of weeks ago, the favorite could be called in advance. Читать полностью -->

Juventus is planning to exchange David Trezeguet, Patrick Vieira

Juventus is planning to exchange David Trezeguet, Patrick VieiraJuventus is preparing to London "Arsenal" serious offer on the exchange of Juventus striker David Trezeguet on midfielder Patrick Vieira. Earlier, the President of Arsenal's Peter hill-wood stated that maybe the captain of the gunners will be sold after the season, if you do not agree to a cut in salary."Juventus tried to buy Vieira, however, the player signed last year a new contract with the champion of England.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Spartacus said Vashchuk to the championship

Spartacus said Vashchuk to the championshipSpartak Moscow said on participating in competitions Premier League Vladislav Vashchuk, the press service of the team. In addition, it became known that this "red-white" will play a friendly match against FC Rostov.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Tickets for the Russian super Cup on sale from March 5

Tickets for the Russian super Cup on sale from March 5Ticket sales will be conducted through cash desks of stadium "locomotive". To start her plan in the second half of the day on March 5. Tickets for the North and South stands - 120 rubles, Oriental - 250 - 500, Western - from 300 rubles.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The locomotive is real: after the match

The locomotive is real: after the matchAt the postgame press conference, the coaches of both teams Yuri Semin and Vincente Del Bosque was in a good mood. And if the joy of a mentor "real" is understandable, the head coach of "Locomotive", who lost five of their six games, was pleased with the good play of his team.Yuri Semin began his speech with a tribute to "real": "I Congratulate real Madrid in the 1/4 finals and wish real Madrid not to dwell on it. As for the game and performances of "Locomotive" in the Champions League we were worthy, because our team the strongest clubs of Europe and the best players in the world. In separate matches Lokomotiv showed good football in some he looked worse. But overall I'm happy. Thanks to all those who supported us during the UEFA Champions League in the first place - our fans for the support that we felt in every match.I hope we can reward their good results in the next drawing. Читать полностью -->

Maminov will receive a prize For loyalty to the club

Maminov will receive a prize For loyalty to the clubThe winner of the prize under the auspices of the Russian football Union "For loyalty to the Club", which is annually awarded by the newspaper "international railroad", was the midfielder Moscow "Locomotive" Vladimir Maminov, ITAR-TASS reported. Maminov stands for Lokomotiv since 1992, having in its composition 278 matches.The individual episodes of the career of Vladimir deserve emulation and talk about the brave, courageous character.He not only recovered after a collision with the "train" "so the fans have dubbed the player of "Dynamo" Igor Cheryshev), in which Vladimir Maminov "earned" cruciate ligament and a damaged meniscus (and this at the age of twenty), but almost a year again worn on the field as if on wings, to the surprise of the doctors. Bright answer their diagnosis - "hat trick" in the Cup match in 1995 gates quite crestfallen goalkeeper of "Zenit" Eugene Kornyuhina. As the current season began in the career Maminov, perhaps the best. After "home" a three "dry" series in the game against torpedo Maminov break the tie a perfect shot into the far corner of the goal.In the locker room it was personally congratulated by the Minister of Railways Gennady Fadeev, and in the next meeting Vladimir thanked him: on the scoreboard popped up again: "Goal scored by Vladimir Maminov". Cup "For loyalty to the club," the player will be awarded at the end of January in the Kremlin during the celebration of the team's first victory in the championship of Russia. Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Ukraine. 16-th round

The Championship Of Ukraine. 16-th roundFC METALIST Kharkiv - SHAKHTAR Donetsk - 0:Hal: Belik, 52."Shakhtar: Shutkov, Pain, Popov, Starostyak, Florea, Okoronkwo, Guy (Teeth, 89), Lewandowski, Tymoshchuk, Belik (Jovanovic, 81), Sparrow.METALURG Donetsk - VORSKLA Poltava - 2:Holy: Demetradze, 10. The capital, ALIJEVAS Mariupol - KRYVBAS Krivoy Rog - 2:Holy: Maltsev, 12. Rykun, FC ALEXANDRIA - OBOLON Kiev - 1:Gal: gavrylov, 2 - from the penalty spot.KARPATY Lviv - TAVRIYA Simferopol - 3:Holy: Kovalchuk, 21 (1:0). Kotyuk, 24 (1:1). Ananke, 47 (2:1). Читать полностью -->

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