CSKA. 49 years is a Golden age for coaches?

CSKA. 49 years is a Golden age for coaches?The President of CSKA can not be called a big fan of loud statements. He works quietly and is a firm step to the target, while soberly assessing their capabilities and the capabilities of competitors. And if Yevgeny Giner said that the club has a goal to win the championship of Russia 2003, so he understands the time did come.On the other hand, kind of like the army men and nowhere to go - after last year's Cup triumph and participation in the gold match other benchmarks in the domestic arena, they can not be. Giner, as well as the team's head coach Valeriy Gazzaev, arranged so that only recognizes the forward movement. And as for the second time in a row to win the Cup will fail (CSKA fizzled last fall), such movement could be carried out only in one case: if the team becomes the champion of Russia.Last year this fell just a little bit. Now it's CSKA need be only "slightly" stronger than himself of 2002. To predict, whether it will manage the team, now no one can. And here are some so-called confounding factors, I think, should inspire fans of the red-blue optimism.First, survived last year's squad. More to the point, the team kept all players, which Gazzaev counts. "Love without joy was, separation will be without sorrow" - it's about a semi-annual affair of the club with Ruslan Nigmatullin. The return of the now ex-goalkeeper of Russian national team in the championship has not turned out triumphant. Tired of waiting for the coach and when will rediscover his best form Evgeny Varlamov. The more that young Bogdan Shershun and Denis Evsikov, which are alternately performed in the centre of defence in the test matches, in my opinion, now seem preferable experienced defender.Another plus - the good work of the club in the transfer market. Last season showed that a year ago CSKA contrary to the opinion of skeptics is not engaged in mindless buying of players, creating a completely new team. All of them are to some extent useful, and in the end our championship got an interesting team. This winter, breeding was carried out in a different direction. Buying Jarosik, which may well be the most important discovery of the season, only confirms the seriousness of CSKA. Is the Czech midfielder, to put it mildly, not cheap. But that Jarosik will work invested in its purchase money, the club is not in doubt.It is also important that the army back in Petrovsky Park, where after a short break will again play their home games. Dynamo holds almost three times more than torpedolike the stadium of a name of Streltsova, where not always able to get everyone. Now, apparently, the attendance of home matches CSKA should increase. Oh and it will happen or not, depends on the quality of the game army men in the coming season.And another little bar called, for dessert. One of an army of fans with a solid experience in a private conversation suggested to look at the statistics. So, Valentin Nikolaev led CSKA to the title in a year when he was 49. At the same age gold latest Union championship was won by the head of the army in ' 91 Pavel sadyrin. Boris Arkadiev, five times won the champion of the USSR, did it including with CDKA in 49 years. As much this year Valeriy Gazzaev...Cosecsa of Moscalu founded in 1923.In 1923 - 1927 - oppv, 1928 - 1940, 1942 - 1950 - CDKA, 1941 - Command of the red Army, 1951 - 1956 - CDSA, 1957 - 1959 - CSK MO, 1960 - CSKA.7-times champion of the USSR- 1946 - 1948, 1950, 1951, 1970, 1991.4-multiple silver medal winner of the USSR Championships - 1938, 1945, 1959, 1990.6-times bronze medalist of the USSR- 1939, 1955, 1956, 1958, 1964, 1965.4-time winner of the Cup of the USSR - 1945, 1948, 1951, 1955.Finalist of the USSR Cup - 1944, 1967, 1992.Silver medalist of Russian Championships 1998 and 2002.Bronze medalist of the championship of Russia 1999.The Owner Of The Cup Of Russia In 2001/02.3-time finalist of the Cup of Russia - 1992/93, 1993/94, 1999/2000.Stadium: CSKA "sandy" (10,000 spectators) or Dynamo (36 880 seats).The biggest win in the Premier League: 10:2 - over "Shinnik" (1964).The biggest defeat in the Premier League: 0:6 - Dynamo M (1936), "Spartak" M (1993).The results of the performance in the Championships РоссииСезонЛигаМестоОчкиМячи1992в53346-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-motchi in the championship-art.031-irubin (e)22.032-erator (g)6.043-Spartak (e)12.044-Dinamo (g)19.045-Rostov (e)23.046-Chernomorets (g)5.057-Lokomotiv (e)9.058-Saturn (g)17.059-Spartak-Alania (g)24.0510-torpedo-Metalurh (d)31.0511-acryla Tips (g)12.0612-Shinnik (e)18.0613-eurolan (g)22.0614-torpedo (e)28.0615-Zenit (g)11.0716-Zenit (e)15.0724-Lokomotiv (g)19.0717-torpedo (g)24.0718-eurolan (e)2.0819-Shinnik (g)9.0820-Spartak-Alania (e)16.0821-torpedo-Metallurgist (g)23.0822-acryla Councils (d)31.0823-Saturn (e)20.0925-Chernomorets (e)27.0926-Rostov (g)5.1027-Dinamo (e)17.1028-Spartak (g)25.1029-erator (e)1.1130-irubin (g)Estimated costamante, Shershun, A. Berezutski, Evsikov, Rahimić, Jarosik, Yanovsky, Gusev, Solomatin, Anatoly Popov.To guess the optimal CSKA is not a simple one. Competition in some positions is so high that to choose a trainer's staff of CSKA have not even two, but three almost equal applicants. To assert without fear to be wrong only that the post number one will get Mandrykin. In test matches he played confidently, and in the final meeting with FC Dynamo Kyiv and all looked brilliant.In defence, as they say, are possible options. After leaving Varlamov, it seemed that the young Shershun no alternative at the Libero position, but in the Dutch camp in the centre of defence suddenly appeared Evsikov. The Berezutski brothers, as well as šemberas and the same Evsikov, can successfully perform the role of cornerbacks. In any case, Valery Gazzaev is unlikely to deviate from tried and tested 3-5-2 scheme.In midfield the best chance for a permanent place in the squad Guseva, Jarosik and right. First often clogs and perfectly fulfils the standard position, second painless blended into the composition, proving in training camp that he is a player of high class, and the third best midfielder cope with defensive functions. Two other places first claim universal Yanovsky, hunky laizāns, reactive Solomatin and rapidly progressive Kusov. One of them will prefer Gazzaev, still is a mystery.In attack recently, the choice was limited by Anatoly Kirichenko and Popov, which in some games even came out all together from the first minute. However, young Samodin and Heinrich in the offseason proved that will now be able to compete with more experienced partners.Maxim KWIATKOWSKI.

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