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Leonov scrolls in memory exploits Bugs

Leonov scrolls in memory exploits BugsMidfielder "torpedo-the Metallurgist" Valery Leonov, quite possibly, will be one of the discoveries that started the tournament. This nimble, skilful player adds from year to year, so now it is hard to imagine without the right flank of "metallurgists".? Now the team is very serious competition ? says Leonov. ? So don't relax ? during the offseason I don't always hit the base.? Could not stand the new requirements?? I would not say. Just Sergey (Aleinikov, head coach "a torpedo-the Metallurgist". ? Approx. A. B.) viewed beginners, tried different combinations. But the training process really changed: a lot of new, rarely repetitive tasks.? Did you manage to find a common language with the foreigners?? Sometimes shout on the field in Russian and only then remember that you don't understand. But it's a matter of time. Very soon the problems with understanding will be finally resolved.? We can say that "a torpedo-the Metallurgist" in the match with Spartak showed his real level at the moment?? Yes and no. On the one hand, played with the red-white on equal footing with the other ? ruined a few clear cut scoring chances. Remember how at the last minute I hit at close range? The goalkeeper of "Spartacus" Bugs himself has admitted that he was just lucky.? Replayed, perhaps, this episode is in memory?? And more than once. But now all my thoughts are about the second round, about the game against Rubin. After the defeat by CSKA, Rubin talked about the notorious outsiders. We in any case can not relax. Sure, the opening day of the season in Kazan with the support of the fans "the ruby" will fight to the end.Andrey Bodrov.

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