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Boris Rapoport: If not three fatal match, everything would be different

Boris Rapoport: If not three fatal match, everything would be different"Got it!" - said at the end of August Zenit shareholders prior to his appointment to the post of chief coach of the 56-year-old Boris Rapoport. 't handle. "Zenit" under his leadership has not fulfilled all three set for the season to the championship and the Russian Cup and the UEFA Cup.- What causes failed for "Zenith" of the season? - question Rapoport.- We have not been able to find a full replacement left "Zenit" in the offseason of several leading players. This was not obvious during the first round, when in the ranks remained Igonin and Katulsky, heavily played and consistently scored Kerzhakov and Arshavin. But by the time I'm at the end of August took "Zenit", the shortfall became apparent. Probably no coach in the world, after the failures do not would complain about injuries to players. But if to count, "Zenit" on this indicator was definitely the unluckiest club in the Premier League. Spivak is out for three months. Flowers - for a month. Astafiev, which Morozov in the offseason was playing in the first team, also received a painful injury... in order to solve the truly serious problems, it is necessary to have in the cage 18 - 20 really competing for a place in the players.- From the side it seemed that after a very hard diktat Morozova you too "let go" of the team... And the coach is a dictator, and from the coach-Democrat, which, say, was Arkad'ev, primarily a result is required. In the creative plan I have set the normal contact with the team. And this same result could have been different, if not three fateful September of the match "Zenith" in the championship - ugly home match with "torpedo-ZIL" when Kerzhakov missed a penalty in the 89th minute, missed the victory in Moscow "torpedo" and, finally, an unfortunate draw to FC Anji Makhachkala at Petrovsky stadium.- Also in September "Zenit" very loosely held a UEFA Cup match in Zurich...- Affected elementary lack of experience of playing with such strong rivals. Our defence could not bear the load.- After the match, "Zenit" you don't deserve from the fans a word of reproof, but humiliating defeat in the match of the Cup of Russia from the representative of the first division was summoned to St. Petersburg real shock.- It was something otherworldly, beyond comprehension. In the first half we had to be 6:1. But Kerzhakov and others not scored in such moments that an intelligible explanation. In my previous clubs I was considered lucky coach, but here was downright fatal bad luck.- It is clear that 19-year-old forward is difficult to demand steady game throughout the season. But the numbers are too eloquent: in the first round Kerzhakov scored 13 goals, and in the second one.- And Kerzhakov and Arshavin had this year to take on the burden of leadership in the attack "Zenith". But in the everyday sense of this word it too early for them to be leaders. The same Kerzhakov in the season to get used to an idea: "I will not score and will be no result". The guy sacripantina. And, of course, played a role immense popularity, and even the press have tried. But football is not very forgiving of complacency.- Invitation to Peter three Yugoslavs "Zenit" clearly there is Vjestica I was looking at himself in the match Partizan - Vojvodina" he played brilliantly. But in the off-season Zenit was playing one tactical scheme, then changed her and after several unsuccessful matches Vjestica psychologically broken. Mudrinich technical, but somewhat slow. To regroup and start playing in a tougher and tempo football at Zenit, he failed. Finally, Randjelovic. I remain convinced that this is a good, even great player. But he's still a player a bit of a plan than that required to Zenit. Actually, frankly, don't trust him, and I including.- How seriously Zenit will intensify in the offseason?- New head coach Vlastimil Petrzhela going to use in the defense of the game in line. So, you must purchase at least two strong defenders, because three of the five defensive players that were in service at the end of the season, tend to personal actions. In addition, we need Central Midfielders, especially holding midfielder, and a power forward.Alexander KUZMIN.

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