Ronaldo has recovered from injury

Ronaldo has recovered from injuryForward Madrid "real" Ronaldo said that he had recovered from injury and will be able to perform in the coming matches, including the game football Champions League with Lokomotiv on March 18 in Moscow.About this player said on Thursday in response to criticism of the press and fans during the treatment of an injury sustained during one of the last matches, he went to the city of Salamanca to play Golf. Ronaldo said that he does not consider it a violation of the sport mode, and that in his spare time he is free to do what he wants, although "not going himself to harm".Criticism of Ronaldo constantly heard also that he, according to the fans, intemperate in eating, but because has extra 4 kilos in weight. The player answers that gained in force, and thanks to the experience he already does not require too much to move on the field.Many Ronaldo fans are very worried that in his spare time he not only plays Golf, and loves to eat well at the best Madrid restaurants, and in between are readily eats hamburgers and drink Coca-Cola that athletes is not recommended.However, the fans blame not so much the player, how much his wife Milena Dominguez, nicknamed "Ronaldinha". She, according to the Spaniards, not paying enough attention to her husband and family, too keen for his own football career and a large part of his time in Italy, where he performs in the women's football team.In this situation in Spain is not without joy met passed on Thursday by the Brazilian newspaper "Jornal do Brasil" message that Ronaldo and Milena, who Wed in 1999 and have 3-year-old son Ronald, decided to divorce.According to the Brazilian newspaper, Ronaldo and Milena amicably agreed to divorce, and now seek a lawyers..

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