Uralan - Lokomotiv: evaluation of the FE

Uralan - Lokomotiv: evaluation of the FEUralan: Filimonov (K) - 5,5; Tsallagov - 5,5; Marcio - 5,5; Dal Canto - 6,0; Kuzmin - 5,0 (Vasilikon, 80's b/o); Kolodin - 6,0; Passoni - 5,5; side - 5,5; Lopez - 6,0 (Adzhindzhal, 61 - 5,0); Ospeshinski - 6,0; Tsiklauri - 6,0 (Tweaks, 62 - 5,0)Lokomotivosostav to 6.0. Confidently played with outputs at the end of the first half helped the team out after a treacherous attack Opacinskiego. To prevent a goal could not - Tsiklauri struck from close range strongly and accurately.NIZHEGORODOV to 6.0. Didn't make any mistakes, broke several dangerous counterattacks.LEKHETHO is 5.5. Was the closest to Tsiklauri at a time when listener received the ball and struck his shot into the top corner. During the break, asked for a replacement, citing fatigue.IGNASHEVICH is 5.5. In the game on the "second floor" was flawless, but the first pass he sometimes failed, resulting in, for example, has become a dangerous passage Opacinskiego.SIRHAEV to 6.0. After a long pause, finally scored a goal. Have spent so far their best game of the season.IZMAILOV is 6.5. Because of dribbling and great vision of the field is constantly created chances at the gate Filimonov. Became the protagonist of a key episode in the 59th minute when in the box, "Uralan" on the spot beat two opponents, and a third was forced to foul.MAMINOV is 5.5. While not in their best shape. Sinned inaccurate transmissions, causing displeasure clear of Yuri Semin.LOSKOV is 6.0. Along with Izmailov was the organizer of most of his team's attacks. After misfiring on penalties in the super Cup match, this time a penalty kick was executed well.PASHININ to 6.0. Confirmed high grade, forcing once again sorry that can't play for team Russia, as it began to play for the national team of Uzbekistan.EVSEEV is 6.0. Made an assist Sirhaev. Completely controlled his area.PIMENOV - 5,0. Was a pale shadow of Pimenova, which brought a turning point in the match for the super Cup against CSKA Moscow.PARKES is 6.0. Had two chances to score, but in the first case, Filimonova, carelessly left the gate has opposing defender, and in the second Costa Rican, going one on one with the goalkeeper missed. Was replaced due to injury.SENNIKOV to 6.0. Took the place of Lecceto and did not disappoint..

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