Vadim Evseev In Madrid Roberto Carlos beat me to the ball

Vadim Evseev In Madrid Roberto Carlos beat me to the ball- How needed Lokomotiv match with real Madrid in the League tournament situation?- The "real" match, of course, need more, and our task is to spoil his mood. In addition, we must not forget about the glasses for the coefficient of Russia and prize money. Finally, if in a situation where we are in the group already have no chance, they will gather a full stadium, we will have to do everything to repay. A draw would suit you?- In conditions, when "real" match from the tournament point of view, we don't, of course, arrange.- How to explain the sensational December draw "Locomotive" in Madrid?- First, we were a team on the field, not disparate players. And yet the output is to replace Obiora cool quickened our attack. After the match went on vacation full of optimism. Sorry the plans didn't come true... You are not surprised when Obiora, going one on one with Casillas and hearing the final whistle of the English judge Barbera, calmly put the ball and went to the locker room?- I would probably have done differently. But, appreciating things realistically, even the account 2:2 at the Santiago Bernabeu from us no one expected, and the victory no one seriously thought. This can explain the cold-blooded reaction. Besides, not the fact that Obiora would have scored. If he's in Barcelona past the fielder failed to hit, what guarantees could be against Casillas?!- How did you feel, knowing that your opponent on the flank Roberto Carlos in Moscow will not play?- Of course, relief. He's in Madrid my ball beat!- And that is?" Shocks, transmission - all somehow got me. How has Roberto Carlos, you, believe, know. Once, I remember, the ball hit you below the belt, and a couple of minutes you writhed in convulsions...- point. The feeling was bad.- Never thought at the time to ask for a replacement?- I used to play through I can't. When in the year before last match with "the Rotor" on the first seconds tore the cruciate ligament of the knee, through the pain played another 40 minutes. Asked for a replacement, only when the pain became unbearable.. And what are the feelings experienced after a week old 0:3 in Dortmund?- We didn't have even the slightest chance of winning. For any player such unbearable to accept. Especially when before the match, the opponent doesn't seem invincible.- What happened?- First, no two key players - Loskov and Nizhegorodov. Secondly, affected tense game for the super Cup against CSKA Moscow. Thirdly, we showed that football can play.- But on that tragic day it was high, or something flawed team?- If we played the way we played - so high.- There is no regret that so much effort spent on the match with CSKA?- Maybe there is - but only in the sense that the super bowl was worth to play at another time. If in football summit we had a different attitude, it would have, and would not have to play a crucial away match of the Champions League three days later.- During the super bowl to save his strength was unreal?- And for the team, first and foremost for me, CSKA is the main irritant. It is not possible to play half-heartedly.- Why is "primarily" for you?- Still playing in Spartak, I've learned: there is no principled opponent of the army. Suffered with this attitude and the "locomotive".- According to Yuri Semin, in Dortmund, the team needed one day to recover. How feel you?" I would not say that it is bad. The forces were, but the freshness, probably not really enough.- Without Loskov "Loco" can't play to his strength?- If I'm not mistaken, the results show that without him we lose.- It is bad when the team is so dependent on one player.- This is a question for the coaches, not me.- Then ask about what affects you personally: it was hard in the first half, playing in an unfamiliar place defensive midfielder? To some extent this position is familiar to me - I played against club Brugge and the second half of the first match against Borussia Dortmund, when injured Maminov. In Dortmund it was my job to keep the right area of the local network defender Dede. The left was given to Mnguni, Central - Mamonovo. Turned out badly.- Why? So strong were the Champions of Germany?- Since the game for Spartak German team I associate with the machine. The stars from the sky they do not seem to suffice - but its clearly defined game they have. They know what they want and how to get results. "Borussia" is just this series. One fact that in Dortmund we scored the same people that in Moscow, said.- "Loco" so nothing he could do with Jan Koller.- What can you do if there are two feet tall and he feels confident at the bottom? The whole team is built through it - but is not bulk, and aimed, prepared transmission. And Cech throws balls partners and makes it very convenient.Igor RABINER.

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