Atletico will not sell Fernando Torres

Atletico will not sell Fernando TorresThe President of club atlГ©tico de Madrid jesГєs Gil stated that the club is not going to refuse the services of 18-year-old team striker Fernando Torres to cover the debts of the club. Recall that the Supreme Court of Spain has recently accused Gil of fraud and illegal waste of money club and sentenced him to three and a half years of imprisonment and a fine in the amount of 10 million pounds, and also demanded from the President of Atletico Madrid to abandon the club's shares in favor of the Supreme Court of Spain. But this week it became known that Gil is going to appeal to the court to have the case reviewed. However, at the club at the moment, had the rather difficult financial situation, and if in the shortest possible time will not be taken to restore the budget, the club will suffer a deep economic crisis. "We urgently need to get a billion pesetas (approximately 4 million pounds) until the beginning of next month. Well, we don't spent all your money we have received for the broadcast of our matches. I am very concerned about the situation, and yet have no idea where we could get a need money," said the club President.Despite all this, Gil realizes that important detail at the moment is the need to support the team's performance level, but it needs to have a cohesive team. "Reforms will be required, but in other areas. This in no way will affect the salaries of the players. Selling players is not a solution to the problem, and I would not sell Torres. We must be realistic. If we get him for 20 million pounds, not enough for five months. Need to find another solution," concluded Gil..

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