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Collection Ronaldo gaping one space

Collection Ronaldo gaping one spaceSeptember 13, 1994, young Ronaldo debuted in the European cups. To say that the premiere was a success - means to say nothing. A hat-trick at the gates of Bayer Leverkusen ? it's worth it. And although the Dutch PSV, which appeared Brazilian footballer, lost to German club with a score of 4:5, coach Dutch Frank Arnesen took after the game, not condolences, and congratulations. "What a find! ? was happy as a child, Dane. ? Even my grandmother says that this guy is a phenomenon!" And it was led Phenomenon.Much water has flowed since then. In the collection of Ronaldo now all imaginable titles. Including the title of UEFA Cup winners and UEFA Cup winners ' Cup. And only one, of the most prestigious European club trophy the Brazilian yet. But the conversation with Ronaldo correspondent of the French newspaper started from a distance:? What feelings do you have about the words "Champions League"?? In truth, I have not played too much in this tournament. I would even say, very little. A few games in the "inter" and "real" this season is not enough of an indicator. I'm just now really discovering the Champions League. The Winner Of The League ? here, perhaps, the only title that I have not managed to qualify and who you dream to bring in your track record.? But because the performance in the European cups for you it familiar?? Yes, the cups I played enough. And for inter in the UEFA Cup and Barcelona in the Cup winners ' Cup. From these matches, I was left with wonderful memories. Especially because both times I had made with their clubs to victories in these tournaments.? These victories had a special taste?? I think that the Champions League final with nothing compares. Except the final match of the world Cup. You know, the longer I live in Madrid, the stronger I feel that I only play in international matches. Each of our opponent is configured to match with real Madrid, as for the last fight. So the matches in the national championship in their intensity almost does not differ from the games at the European level.? How would you comment on the standings of your team, which scored only one point in two games?? I would not dramatize the situation. Haven't lost anything.? To beat Borussia just need? Yes, it's obvious. And I am sure that we will win.? Not afraid that will not cope?? Afraid? No. We all know that we face a difficult task, but we are nobody and nothing can frighten.? How did it happen that the "real" to be in this position?? To lose to AC Milan, especially at San Siro, not shameful. But the Russians, we just had to win. We had an overwhelming advantage. We created scoring chances would be enough for a few matches. But what can you do, everything is possible in football.? Are you an optimist?? Of course! There are no hopeless situations. We still have plenty of opportunities to show themselves. I don't think it's worth panicking for no reason.? How much you will be disappointed if real Madrid fail to defend your title?? I can't imagine that we can win the Champions League. Why? Yes, because we have everything to win. I absolutely don't see any reason that can prevent us from repeating this year.? What do you know about your opponent?? Borussia ? a very strong and experienced team. And indeed meeting with any German team cakewalk will not name. We will be hard, but we are ready.? Do you personally know anyone in this team?? In Borussia played three of my compatriot. All three are my good friends. Amoroso - class striker. I had to play with him in the team, as well as with the grandfather. There is still Everton is a very fast player. Dortmund Brazilians are really strong players. I'll be glad to meet them on the field and even more to beat them.? This season, you did not Shine in the "real" in the European arena. Going to catch up?? Indeed, in the national championship I played much better. I hope that the situation will change. Moreover, I am convinced of that.? What is your confidence?? First, I am in better physical shape than two or three months ago. Also, I finally adapted to the style of play of the team. In the first matches after the New year, I didn't score, but nevertheless looked on the field with dignity. Lacked goals. However, for me it is not an end in itself. If only the team win.? Which team, in addition to "real", you think is most worthy of the title of winner of the Champions League?? The choice is hard to do. It is most preferable look "Milan", "Manchester United" and "Arsenal".? Among the real contenders for the European title you mentioned Arsenal. You really think he can compete for a trophy?? Generally this is logical, given the fact that the team is in first place in the Premier League, ahead of Manchester United".? In the "gunners" have a player about the game which you were very flattering.

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