Sergei Ovchinnikov: Albanians remind me of Ararat and neftçi

Sergei Ovchinnikov: Albanians remind me of Ararat and neftçiThe first issue of our national team, by his own admission, has long focused on club Affairs Affairs for the national team and quietly preparing for the upcoming meeting with the Albanians. However, the story of his participation that occurred this past weekend, is still widely discussed in football circles. This, as you probably already guessed, is a small scandal that erupted after the match "Dinamo" - "Zenit". So even here in Italy, we could not begin the conversation discussing some other subject.- Just want to say that deliberately to inflate the whole story doesn't make any sense. Many players from time to time psychological breakdowns happen, and nothing surprising in this. From the outside, perhaps, all this and did not look very nice, but nothing extraordinary, in my opinion, did not happen.- However, when you ran to Zenit coach Vladimir Ceps, the fact it's even a little scary. Painfully strong you have been.- You have to understand, it's just emotions. Nothing more. There was no battering or something like that. Yes, I admit, was very nervous, said a few sharp words. But this, in my opinion, is understandable.- And yet, there must be some explanation of what happened!- And it is very simple - we lost. With the final whistle came the postgame experience. I want to reiterate: you should not put the incident too serious. Oliver Kahn, sometimes, enough opponents by the neck and drags them for free. And nobody comes down on him all the dogs.- That is, you believe that it is OK?- No, of course. But if I had such a reaction to something, therefore, had good reasons. And it's not a system, as immediately began to speak many. This is an isolated case.- So, next time, after the defeat of Lokomotiv - you can't do it this way?- I hope next time will not.- Can we say that now "Zenith" looks more rivals than before this match?- Of course. Our next meeting in St. Petersburg will go beyond the usual games.- Why?- Just because, as they beat us.- What other fights you belong to the category of the most important?- This year, the easy games are not expected: to champion all configured in a special way. And superprincipality the games we have, as usual, against CSKA and "Spartak".- If you take the game against Lokomotiv, did you like "Zenith"?- Personally, I don't. Yes, there is a separate soccer - Kerzhakov, Arshavin - the real leaders of the team. Nothing more. And actually I never thought about how they played "Zenith". I was more concerned for his own team.- And why did she lose?" I think the last time we were overtaken by a fatal bad luck. The ball does not want to go not only into the goal, but even in their target. With "Zenit" we hit the target only three times, and with "real" - and at once, although he played quite well. I think this is not talking about the lack of skill, but about luck. In addition, our team is tired.- Behind the two opening round of the championship of Russia. What thoughts bring their results?- All the teams are very well prepared functionally. This, perhaps, we have for the first time. But in General any more or less informed assessment can be made after five or six rounds.- Last week "the locomotive" has finished the performance in the Champions League. What memories will about her?- We became a part of the big celebration, and were it not strangers, since passing to the second stage. There we got a very strong rivals. In matches with them we checked himself, gained a priceless experience. Could be better, but again their finishing let them down moments.- What do I mean better?- To score more points. The house should not have lost anyone, and lost everything. The same Spaniards after the match came up and said: you we were pleasantly surprised.- Taking into account the qualification stage of the Team had been in the Champions League in 14 matches. Which one do you think is the best and which the worst?- Worst in Dortmund. And the best one in Istanbul and at home against club Brugge. I do not take into account the content of the game, because without it no one is interested.- But what team made the biggest impression? "The real". And least liked "Borussia". We lost to the Germans because that was not in the best condition. AC Milan and real Madrid advanced to the quarterfinals in the case. Moreover, it is the club of Madrid I think the main favorite of the League.- And this is after you almost left him off the competition?- Don't forget who is the current holder of the Cup of Champions. And then "real" is "real".- Speaking of cups, I cannot but ask, what, in your opinion, explains the success of your former club Porto, who reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup.- To "Port" this is a normal indicator. The team often plays in the Champions League and in the UEFA Cup when I got to the quarter-finals. Incidentally, if you do not manage to win this tournament, the club will be very disappointed. You could even say that failure would be Porto" little tragedy.- On to new business team. What is your opinion about the upcoming opponent - the team of Albania?- She, I believe, is progressing.

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