Nedved came out of the footballers Union of Italy

Nedved came out of the footballers Union of ItalyMidfielder "Juventus' Czech Pavel Nedved announced his exit from the Italian footballers Union in protest against what he called "discrimination of players not from the EU."Recently, the Italian football Federation has announced that it intends next season to freeze the number of players not from the EU. Those players who are already playing, will keep their seats, and to invite the newcomer, the teams will have to waive one player not from the EU, which already has in its composition."I sent a letter to the Union, which explained his position. I believe that is no longer a member of the Union and to support this discrimination, " said Nedved Gazzetta dello Sport. - After this decision, the footballers Union of Italy has become just a Union of Italian footballers. Even on the pages of its official journal is written that we, foreigners, brought Italian football to impoverishment. What sense then to pay a membership fee?". According to Cech, the decision of the Italian Federation anachronistic especially at a time when the EU gains new countries, including the Czech Republic..

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