Lazio is selected from crisis

Lazio is selected from crisisOn this tour, in Italy the situation is paradoxical. Until the evening of the match in all matches scored only one team. "Lazio" and "Empoli" decided to break this tradition, and by the eighth minute the score was 1-1. Daring newcomers of the Series And immediately made it clear their Roman opponents that are not going to play the role of the lambs. On the 4th minute after a cross from the free kick, Massimo Oddo in the fight against Busk head deflected the ball into his own net.The Romans, of course, could not agree with this course of events. And now the standard position in the performance of Lazio ended in a goal. Corner was filed from the left flank of attack, and in the final stage prompter was Claudio Lopez at the far post ahead of of the defender "Empoli". In the first half, the visitors tried to impose on the owners of their game in what, in General, succeeded. Lazio scored on the 15th minute, but the goal was disallowed, that could not add positive emotions "Lazio". "Empoli" defended large forces, not forgetting to counterattack when the opportunity occurs. From time to time, the Romans could not find the "button" guests, the only corners presented a serious danger for "Empoli".But when it seemed that the first half to end in a draw, followed by a flash of Lazio, and striker club, Corradi has closed the transfer from the left flank Lopez.Claudio Lopez did not want to stop there, and in the last minute of the half, the Argentine forward could the third time be forced to capitulate the goalkeeper guests. But Gianluca Berti in this episode did not blunder. The second half of "Empoli" began more actively. The team tried to use all possible resources in the attack. Experienced players, "Lazio" managed to contain the assaults of opponents who don't have necessary class to the second time to rip up the defence. Soon "laziali" reoccupied the territory, and again the guests left the game with counterattacks. In the composition of the club of Rome on the whole match stood out Claudio Lopez, who in the second half, ably conducted the actions of partners in the attack. The main components of success, "Lazio" was flanking canopies and delivery from free kicks and corners that sowed panic within the area of "Empoli".In several episodes, perfectly played Bertie, who in one scene brilliantly parried Fiore. However, after a few minutes and he was powerless after a gentle but precise shot Diego Simeone in the far corner.A goal finally removed all doubts about the winner, allowing Lazio to exit long "draw" of the crisis. But in the end "laziali" brought the score to large; it Castroman used filing Mikhailovich with a penalty kick, a slight nod of the head sending the ball into the goal "Empoli"..

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