Inter missed Barca in the quarter-finals

Inter missed Barca in the quarter-finalsIn Europe ended in the fourth round of football League of Champions. In the second game day heroes are the players, which is rightly called the stars. By tradition in each group played two matches. One game was certainly Central, and the second was considered as a checkpoint. In group a course was considered Central match in Milan where inter had hoped to take revenge on Barca for a major defeat in Spain last week. But the Catalans were expected to win 12th straight win and exceed in this indicator "Ajax" in the late 1980s. However, the team Antic perfectly suit and tie, through which the "Leopard" made it into the quarterfinals for 2 rounds before the end. The match at the stadium "San Siro" was not very interesting. Over both teams prevailed the result. Of course the players of both teams showed very good and fast football. However, in the front line they have absolutely nothing worked. Both the goalkeeper almost the entire match stood idle. "Inter" is a good time early in the second half did not use the Italian Christian Vieri. "Leopard" was a little closer to victory. In the first half of Rochemback from outside the penalty ran the ball over the goal line in the second half of the match Kluivert almost went one on one with Toldo, but to break the Italian goalkeeper and could not. The 0-0 score perfectly reflects the balance of forces on the field. Barça though not surpassed Ajax 1980s, but it has solved their problems in the Champions League. Well, the "inter" even though he was forced to leave the field under the whistling, but has gained an important point. The outcome of the other match in group a was deprived even before it starts. The head coach of Bayer Leverkusen Thomas Gerster said that for his team the game in Newcastle is not really important. Still, for the German team now the main task is the preservation of places in the Bundesliga. As it turned out, Herster not darkened his, and spoke the real truth. Helped him not to lie to Alan Shearer, who by the 11-minute brace. Former England forward literally zaterzal their opponents from Germany. The first goal he scored with his head, and the second following a pass from Ameobi. After that, it became clear that Newcastle will win it." The British tried to win large in the 36th minute of the Klein knocked down in the penalty Dyer and Shearer penalty made het-trik - 3-0. However, at the end of the game against Leverkusen woke up feelings. The team pressed Newcastle to the gate, and even managed to play one ball - Babich scored after the transfer of Basturma. So the final score 3-1 in favor of the English team was a repeat of the result shown in "BayArena" a week ago. In group a Barcelona secured their place in the quarterfinals, but inter with Newcastle are shared by only a point. Bayer became the first team who lost any chance of continuing in the Champions League second group stage. In the group In the Central match in Amsterdam between Ajax and Arsenal did not reveal the winner. Anglicane went to Holland with the clear intention to deal with the team of Ronald Koeman. However, the young coach has once again proved that he is ready to argue on an equal with the most renowned specialists. In the first half he was solid in defense of his team that Arsenal have almost no room to maneuver. Wondering what is happening wards Arsene Wenger in the first half barely missed. Romanians Kivu struck penalty, but Ashley Cole cleared the ball from the goal line. In the second half, Ajax upped the tempo and created some interesting combinations, but in the end to score so anyone and failed. We note two interesting points from this match: first, in the second half on the field in the "Ajax" appeared Egyptian Mido, who Koeman not so long ago were punished for misconduct. Secondly, a pleasant experience for many, may cause the reaction of the Dutch spectators who successful performance of his compatriot and winner of the European Cup in the "Ajax" Dennis Bergkamp. Here is another match ended unexpectedly. The Spanish "Valencia" in his field had to win in a crisis "Roma". The first minutes have passed with the big advantage of the Spaniards. However, two goals Italy striker Francesco Totti has changed everything. The Italian striker scored twice in 6 minutes, and by the end of the first half was finally considered himself canonized saints football, having made an excellent pass to Emerson. 3-0 in favor of the visitors after the break! In the second half coach "Valencia" tried to somehow change the course of the meeting, and even released is not healthy Aymara. However, the final score has not changed. After the next day's play Ajax and Arsenal scored 6 points. Valencia have 5 points, Roma - 3. Totti, 24, 30, Emerson, 36.

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