Shakhtar Donetsk played out a draw with Slovakia

Shakhtar Donetsk played out a draw with SlovakiaTwo matches - two draws. This is the outcome of Shakhtar's games against Slovak clubs. The first encounter with "Zilina" champion of Ukraine finished in a goalless draw, and the second with the "Slovan" from Bratislava - effective. The meeting of the Pitmen with the leader of the championship Slovakia ended with the score 1:1, the official website of FC Shakhtar. Shakhtar Vs Slovan- 1:1 (1:1). Goals: 1-0 Jovanovic, 7, 1:1 Vomacka, 20. Miner: Kovalevsky (Botvin'yev, 46), Starostyak, Assan (Gleveckas, 59), Lalatovic, Florea (Popov, 46), Lewandowski, Tymoshchuk, Pukanych (Gaius, 46), Jovanovic (Brandao, 46, Teeth, 49), Belik, Aghahowa (Sparrow, 46). Subs Not Used: Okoronkwo, Konyushenko, Bakharev, Leviga. Slovan: Trancik, Hornak, Zurich, Vomacka, Veseli (Obura, 46), Onofrei, Polgar (Shestack, 49), Homola, Bednar, Chloor (Sedlak, 46), Vitek. Judge: Smirnov (Russia). The match was played in not the best weather conditions. Throughout the meeting, went to the small rain, a strong wind was blowing. Valeriy Yaremchenko very powerfully held debut and already in the 7th minute took the lead. Receiving a pass from Alexei Belik, Milan Jovanovic from a ten-meter shot into the far corner of the net to make it 1-0. This, incidentally, was the first goal of the Serb for the Pitmen. A minute later the goalkeeper "Slovan" with great difficulty parried away a long shot Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, and soon a good chance to score and missed Belik. Beating on the penalty area line, the Slovak goalkeeper, midfielder of Shakhtar beat seemed likely, but at the last moment of Tranchina insure defender who cleared the ball flew towards the empty net. Played the Slovaks in the 20th minute. Your passage on the right flank of Lahor ended with a cross into the penalty area, "miner", and Womack played ahead, shot from close range forced to capitulate Kovalevsky - 1:1. After that the initiative has passed to the Pitmen. However, dangerous things are almost never reached. At the beginning of the second half came in the break to replace the Brazilian striker Shakhtar Brandao and Slovak Polgar staged a violent showdown that ended in mutual destruction. However, team meetings continued at full strength (in accordance with the agreed right replacement remote player). At the 59th minute of the clash with an opponent got injured Assan. Instead of defenders on the left Dainius Gleveckas and after 8 minutes almost succeeded. After a corner kick, filed Henadiy Zubov, Lithuanian headed the ball goalwards, but the ball flew just over the bar. In the end the match Shakhtar thoroughly pressed the Slovaks to their goal. Dangerous blows struck guy, Lewandowski, Teeth, Tymoshchuk: In the 84th minute combination involving Lewandowski and Sparrow almost completed Belik, which lacked a few centimeters to reach the ball. The Pitmen continued to attack until the very end and in the 90th minute, he could pull out a victory. But the Sparrow did not use the one-on-one with Trinicom and trademark shot Belik through the "scissors" hit the post....

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