The UEFA Cup. Auxerre - Liverpool. Turns Patriarch

The UEFA Cup. Auxerre - Liverpool. Turns PatriarchThe match 1/8 finals of the UEFA Cup between Auxerre and crisis "Liverpool" will be the occasion for the meeting of two eternal opponents and friends. Guy Roux, virtually unchallenged steering Auxerre, first crossed paths on the football field with Gerard Houllier about thirty years ago. Then, the French club in the third division "No-Les-Mines", slave the Hive was nearly knocked him Auxerre of the French Cup. Since then, 55 - year-old Houllier won the French championship with Paris Saint - Germain, coached the national team of France and achieved international fame with Liverpool.Unlike his younger counterpart, the 64-year-old mentor "Auxerre" almost did not leave the stadium named Ebbe Deschamps. Guy Roux was the first coach who has held Championships in France more than 1000 matches. Having worked at the club for more than 40 years, in 1996, he cited "Auxerre" for the title of national champion and winning the French Cup. In 2000, guy Roux was going to retire, but in the 2001/02 season has returned, as his successor Daniel Rolland slid against Auxerre on 13th place. In the autumn of 2001 the Hive and guy Roux met in Corsica under very unpleasant circumstances. Both the master of undergoing rehabilitation after heart attacks. "Gerard I almost brother," said guy Roux in an interview before the match with Liverpool.- First, it's not that simple. This was my thousandth match as a professional coach, and before that I worked for 14 years in Amateur football. If you count all matches, including the Cup, we collected about two thousand games. Of course, I was happy, but I confess that I would be happier if it was my first match. This would mean that I'm still young.- How can you explain very successful performance of "Auxerre" under your leadership?- The main reason lies in the success with the reserves. Over the last 20 years through our club hosted four generations of players, each of whom was detained for no more than five years. "Auxerre" always on the way there are talented young players. This provides stability and contributes to the continuous movement forward. In "Auxerre" you started working in 1961. Imagine then, that for so long will stay in this club?- Of course, no. I do believe that it is impossible to predict so far into the future. Just need to try not to miss those chances, which throws you life, using them as possible. When I was seven years old, I said that football will forever be a part of my life. Then I could not imagine that he would become such a significant part of this life.- Who has had the greatest influence on you?- I think that Pierre Flamion. He was my first coach in "Limoges", and the French national team player and "Reims". He made a very big impression on me. In "Auxerre" you have a lot of responsibilities. You are a coach, General Manager and organize the entire process on and off the field. From where you have taken all this time and energy?- This is my life. Nothing more to say. The priests give their lives to God, and I gave it to football.- What are your future plans?- My prospects for the future, unfortunately, is not so rosy. I'm getting old and all the while trying to keep fit, as long as possible to do their job well.Graham Berger.

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