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Chronicle of the offseason. Premier League

Chronicle of the offseason. Premier LeagueCstatistic of CSKA Evgeny Varlamov's not going to last collection CSKA in Holland. As himself said Varlamov, apparently, he will be loaned out for a period of one year from Premier League clubs. Interest in the defender last year showed Uralan, now the most likely contender for it is "Chernomorets". Himself Varlamov would like to stay in one of the Moscow teams.SATURN-REN TVТравма Samir Muratovich, received in a control match with "Uralanom" was not serious. Bosniak, already replaced in the 19th minute of the match after injuring Achilles, in the next few days will be able to resume training. The contract with the Brazilian Wilson, who was browsing in a Saturn, most likely, will not be signed.Relocatability contract with the club has signed goalkeeper Ilyin from "Rybinsk". But the information about the transition Denis Zubko in St. Petersburg "Zenith" was nothing more than a fiction. And in the St. Petersburg team, and in "the Rotor" denied this information. And the management of "Zenit" and even stated that even the negotiations were not conducted. On February 23, Volgograd depart for a final training camp in Austria.ZENIT Zenit published the cost of tickets and season tickets for home matches in the season 2003. Now depending on the price of tickets on "Petrovsky" will be from 70 to 300 rubles (last year the most expensive cost per $ 100 cheaper), but fun to look at Spartak, CSKA, Lokomotiv will cost another fan 50-200 rubles more expensive. Thus, the price of the most expensive "flower" on these games will reach 500 rubles. The increase affected and season tickets. However, not all, but only on the places located in the Central sectors.Ratselmeister the Rostov club finished their second preseason that the team conducted in Turkish Kemer, and returned to Rostov.After that, the players got a day of rest and gathered today at their base for the in-depth medical examination, for which the team has become "the norm". Starting tomorrow, players will begin workouts in the gym, "Olympus". On 24 February the Rostov scheduled launch of the third collection, which will be held in Turkey.Robinsonci Rubin spent in Spain's first match in the group in the fight for the La Manga Cup. In the game against Norwegian "Viking" was a draw ? 1:1. Goal scoring a winner spent Boyarintsev (68). Rubin acted in the following composition: Kozko, Silagadze, Nowotny, Kharlamov (Samarani, 46), P. M. Kébé (Calixto, 46), Ndiaga (Konovalov, 30), Sharonov, Boyarintsev, čížek, Roni (Chaladze, 46), Nechaev (Bairamov, 46).TORPEDO-Metalloulovitelyami date and the final collection of the team - it will be held in Italian Rimini near Milan from 23 February to 9 March.February 26, torpedo-the Metallurgist" have the application form procedure, so the players now allocate rooms. It is known that the newcomers were defined with numbers ? the Swede, Wallerstedt received the 10th room, Ohanian - 9th, Monari - 11th, Rekhviashvili - 7th, Lawrencev - 16-th number.Chernomoretsvillage gathering in Cyprus Chornomorets played a draw in the test match against the Korean LG - 1:1. A goal from Novorossiysk scored Garin, 65. Chernomorets: 1st time: Levitsky, Cuisse, Ivanov, Snytko, Gordeuk, Surodin, Augusto, presedo, Nizovtsev, Terekhin, kamoltsev. 2nd half: Gerus, Belkov, Snytko, Bovio, Circassian, Costa, Beketov, Surodin, Lopez, Garin, Hakobyan..

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