Ruby moved from Spartak in Shinnik

Ruby moved from Spartak in ShinnikMidfielder of the national team of Latvia Andrey Rubin, trained all offseason in Spartak, the day before the end of the bidding campaign has passed in "Shinnik". With the natives he signed a three-year contract.? I went to Spartak as a free agent ? tells about his time in the camp of the red-and-white Rubin himself. Club did not pay for me English "crystal Palace", in which I've played before. I arrived in "Spartacus" and signed a contract for a period of three years.? Why in the end failed to realize themselves in the team?? Ran out of time. Perhaps the findings against me were made after the games in the arena on artificial turf. But this carpet is unusual for me - just start hurting joints, discomfort in the groin And on the first training camp in Turkey, I think, looked good. But then I was suggested to cut the terms of the contract. I do not agree.? What are your impressions after an offseason spent in Spartak? ? Never remember the bad. And now there are only good memories. In this command, I struck up many friendships, mainly with young ? Smirnov, Samedov, Pavlenko-? How did you come with "Shinnik"?? Representatives of the club called three days ago. Both the President and the coach said you wanted to see me in my team. Yesterday at three o'clock in the morning I arrived in Yaroslavl, night signed a three-year contract and has already played a half for "Shinnik".? What can expect a team in the championship?? Too early to draw conclusions on one game. But the team is strong: when traveling here, already knew that the house "Shinnik" little plays.Sergey Egorov.

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