Ronaldo: I'm more efficient in front of goal

Ronaldo: I'm more efficient in front of goalIn recent days, Ronaldo became one of the main characters of real Madrid. The eleventh issue of "Blancos" agreed even during your vacation to answer some questions about...... about the first hat-trick Nice to finish the tour leaders, we have done our job well. I think the last time I scored three goals with inter. It is not always possible to make a hat-trick so I am very happy. After the game, McCoy took the ball from the referee and all on htm undersigned, in England there is a tradition"."When you miss one point, angry at myself. I promised to score 25 goals and think you can achieve this goal, but it will not be easy. If you score more, that would be great".... about personal situation After injuring my perspective on some things has changed. I think you noticed that never berth SWOT knee. Never trailed in training and VST is provoked by chronic stress in the knee, which brought me to the operating room. Now go to the gym for 40 minutes early to stretch and warm up the joint. It is very important to do this."""When I play, trying to amuse people and make the TSA is beautiful. I was without football for two years, so now I really want to play and don't want to be distracted from one game for the club and for the national team"."Now I'm as fast as before the injury. May participate less in team play compared to my first stage in Spain, but I feel that there are more effective close to the opponent's goal. I have a lot to give to this club".... about the team"can't choose between La Liga and the Champions League because we want to win both titles. To achieve this it would be amazing, although it's not easy. But what is clear is that we have the TSA to win these trophies. TSA depends on us"."In Madrid "Real" the credit for the goal should be shared between all. Here the strongest line of attack and every player can decide the outcome of the match. It is very good for the team".... about Raul"each time we understand each other UGT better and this understanding can only improve. He is a very clever player, he's destined to be a striker".... about Zidane,"That intellectuals and elegance on the football field. It fascinates me handling the ball, he also knows how to keep the rhythm of the game".... about Figo"His game is one-on-one is ideal. He is very quick and nimble in the handling of the ball, you can't know what he would do with the ball in the next moment and how much you can beat. He is a very good use of these qualities".... about Roberto Carlos"would be writetm or stand in the wall, when he performs a free or bit on goal. We spent 12 years together, playing for the national team, and our relations have always been very good".... about Guti"This is a player who impresses me on the field more because of it's qualities and legkosti with which he makes all things. It fascinates me when he plays".... about Del Bosque Is the best coach who might be on this team. Never wants to be the protagonist, though he is. He knows how to maintain unity and it is a great achievement, because we have 25 players and we train together virtually TSA time."".

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