The wings will play in Intertoto

The wings will play in IntertotoAfter the match the mood of the opponents were the polar. Frustrated, the leader Andrei Samartsev Tikhonov paid tribute to the team Hajiyev, who played for the first time, Makhachkala Kakhaber Tskhadadze the main factor of victory "Anzhi" in a penalty series called strong nerves of his teammates.? Want Anji to reach the final of the Russian Cup, ? said Tikhonov. ? Personally I knew the Makhachkala team is strong enough, and not particularly surprised by her victory over the champion of Russia.? "Wings" had the territorial advantage, especially in the second half. Why didn't you manage to put the squeeze on the opponent?? For territorial advantage not awarded the victory. We must use our chances, but we failed.? What is your impression of the Dagestani club?? I Gadzhi Gadzhiev no weak teams. Last year we twice convincingly outplayed Makhachkala (without Hajiyev), but now it's a completely different team. Very organized, intelligently acting in defense. The Dagestanis not enough unless the high class performers, who were three years ago ? Rahimić, Sirhaev, Randjelovic-? Having been eliminated from the Cup, your team has not fulfilled one of the tasks in the season? Yes, winning the Cup was among our goals for the season. Well, let's concentrate on the League and try to get into the UEFA Cup through the Intertoto.In this match in the "Anji" made its debut-known defender Kakhaber Tskhadadze, at one time played for the national teams of Russia and CIS.? We knew that Samara team ? a strong contender, but in this match already experienced what this club is capable of becoming a Russian medal, and possibly a champion ? says Madrigal. ? The "Wings" magnificent selection of players, especially creators. In the second half, when the score was equalized, it seemed that samarians pressurizes us, so great was their advantage. But, having collected will in a fist, we were able to survive until the final whistle and extra time suddenly felt better physically. And then the game went on a collision course with mutual chances.? However, it came to the penalty shootout-? Yes, it was more important not gaming skill and strong nerves. Our guys, they were tight.? How do you hit the Dagestan club?? We have long been familiar with the head coach, "Anji" Haji Hajiyev. I worked under his leadership in the national team of the CIS, when he was assistant Anatoliy Byshovets.In the offseason, I called Hajji Muslimovic, offered his services and soon signed a contract with "Anzhi". For me, a Georgian, Dagestan ? it's the same in the Caucasus, so did not have to adapt.Besides, before I was familiar with their compatriots from Anzhi ? Omari Tetradze and Kakhaber Mzhavanadze.Albert Martianov.

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