Kalmyk Italians sure: From the Series And their Uralan wouldn't have flown

Kalmyk Italians sure: From the Series And their Uralan wouldn't have flownGathered on March 15 at the stadium Uralan 10 300 fans witnessed a kind of historical event. In the Russian team debuted two legionaries from football superpower - Italy.- Very upset that the Russian debut ended in defeat for you?Dal Canto: - just for clarification, we played against the best team in Russia and played a good game. I am satisfied that we managed to make the team. Yes, we lost, but managed to play the game, which allows you to look hopefully to the future.Passoni: "I knew that "the locomotive" stronger "Uralan". We were expecting a very difficult match, and it turned out that the difference in class is not so great as it seemed. We also know how to play, and we have a team. This inspires optimism.- And yet whereby the Champions of Russia surpassed Uralan?Passoni: - "the locomotive" - very organized and played by the team.Dal Canto: - Lokomotiv Players know what I have to do to win. This club is brilliant players. And their work they managed to do a little more efficiently than we do. Affected and the fact that Lokomotiv will have more experience.- In Russia, many believe that "the locomotive" - the Italian, that is the most pragmatic, the team in our football. Do you agree with this statement?Dal Canto: - this is the truth. Loko knew what to do to succeed. But in our home matters is the result. The most important thing is the score.Passoni: - In Italy no matter how you win. It is important to win. If everything is done beautifully, and the team lost, you zero. "Loco" was willing to do anything but win. In this sense, he is absolutely Italian club.- What, in your opinion, in the first place is not enough "Uralan"?Dal Canto: - Cunning.Passoni: - UDA Chi.- After the match in Elista talked a lot about the validity of the appointment of a penalty against your team. And decided, the judges of the small proportion sympathies are always on the side of the best club in the country. In Italy, AC Milan or Juventus also can count on similar, arriving in Como or Foggia?Dal Canto: Yes. Big clubs always make concessions. It may not like, but that's life.Passoni: - Giants everywhere watch over and protect. We don't need to think about it. We are not "Juventus" and "locomotive". We need to always play on the limit.- Who do you remember in "Locomotive"?Dal Canto: - Number seven (Izmailov. - Approx. A. A.).- Did anything surprise you during the official debut in Russia?- Dal Canto: - the Ratio of fans to the attributes of the state - the national anthem and flag. I really liked the opening - colorful and solemn. Well, that raised the flag of the country. When that happened, the people themselves rose, very intently listened to the music of hymns (Russia and Kalmykia. - Approx. A. A.). It was obvious: this was important, everyone understands the seriousness of what is happening. In Italy, the fans can't boast of such a culture.Passoni: - you after the game applauding the opponent that beat your favorite team! In Italy is impossible to imagine. Even if Juve or Roma will beat out the club series, b or C, they definitely booed. And well, if not throwing the trash! You - cultural fan. I saw that here fans of "Locomotive", who quietly rooting for their team and quietly went home. In Italy they would have after the match, much to take care of security. No, you are amazing and good country!- It seems that any negative emotions you have.- Dal Canto: all right. We are satisfied with Dario that he came to Russia to play for Uralan. We are very warm people, and we will try to repay them for good.- You can say that you are well aware partners?- Passoni: - I'm new to the team, and Russian is too difficult a language to learn it in a few weeks.Dal Canto: - Game terms I have already mastered: left, right, send, forward, find, hard, bear! This is enough to understand the guys on the field. In everyday life worse. Russian is very difficult language. You speak differently than they write! It's hard to understand, but it's a fact!- Despite these difficulties, you promise many leadership roles "Uralan".- Dal Canto: "I don't consider myself a leader. I am part of a team that should be a single entity. If we rally around the coaches and ideas that they offer, all will be well.Passoni: - Uralan - not the team that can pull up the leader. The power of clubs such as ours - in a team game and fighting spirit. We are not leaders.- A popular feel?- Dal Canto: - In Italy, journalists are very demanding and pushy.

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