Russia. Phrase of the tour

Russia. Phrase of the tourValery BUSHEL, head coach of "Chernomorets" (about the game, substitute striker Novorossiysk Garin):? The structure of the game came in the first half. As noted by some of the guys, we played almost ten. In the break, I had to reprimand him-Sergey PAVLOV, the head coach of "Spartacus" (about the problems of the game "Spartak"):? We should admit that the game we have still not settled. What to do - play with the wheels.(about the game Yegor Titov):? Considering that before Egor spent months recovering from his injury, his play against "Spartak-Alania" was just exemplary.Revaz DZODZUASHVILI, head coach of "Spartak-Alania" (answering the question, who would he first wanted to congratulate with the victory over "Spartak"):? First thing in a good game I want to congratulate himself.(commenting on the celebration of a goal by George Buzaevym, tore his t-shirt):? I never noticed that George with something tore. I myself greatly enjoyed the goal.(about the weak implementation of points):? Today "Spartak-Alania" had a lot of chances. However, the players each time a rash decision - I Promise at the next training session we will allocate at least half an hour on the shots.Vlastimil PETRZHELA, the head coach "Zenith" (explaining why he got his chance in goal in a match with "the Locomotive" not Malafeev, and o Contofalsky):? Just got our Contofalsky no complex of Moscow and Lokomotiv.Konstantin KONOPLEV, midfielder "Zenit" (about installing that before the match with Lokomotiv gave players "Zenith" Petrzhela):? Our coach said only three words: "I want to win!" We have this installation completed Sergei OVCHINNIKOV, the goalkeeper of "Locomotive" (commenting on his post-match clash with the players and coaches Zenit):? I for a few moments emotions. Didn't want to be a spineless amoeba.(of revanchist sentiment in "the Locomotive"):? Now we have to take Zenit's revenge. I will say this: in Peter we die, but we will win.Viktor PROKOPENKO, head coach of "Dynamo" (about the game the Brazilian striker "Dynamo" Alberto):? I am a striker so once scored a goal - not waste went on the field. Generally we think that if the Brazilian - so should show something incredible. But the Brazilians that this is incredible do able, not go to Russia and to Western Europe. And they are 15?20 times more expensive(on the progress of the game, striker "Dynamo" Dmitry Bulykin):? It's simple. I Bulykin said, with such talent that you nature released, not to show their best qualities - so abused. I don't know-(explaining why Dynamo started the play at the line):? Free defender or Libero, has died, without regaining consciousness. You won't see anywhere else.Kurban BERDYEV, the head coach of "Rubin" (about the trauma of Rubin defender of the South African Sibayi):? My opinion is that the midfielder "a torpedo-the Metallurgist" Cossacks hit our defender intentionally. Sibayi hematoma, eyes swollen. But to his credit, he was in such a state struggled on the field. The one-eyed man(answering the question, not cold for him to watch the match in one jacket in pathography frost):? I always wear this coat in winter, in summer - When there is football, forget about the heat and the cold..

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