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FIFA legalizes artificial grass

FIFA legalizes artificial grassFIFA has published the results of the meeting of the Commission on changing the rules of football, held last week in Belfast. The Commission legalized artificial turf for conducting football matches under the auspices of FIFA, and also gave the go-ahead to experiment with the use of the judges of the high frequency radio communication during matches. Innovation will be tested at the Confederations Cup, which will be held in June this year in France. It was also decided to continue the experiment by bringing the ball to the goal-offending upon conversion, if the wall does not comply with the statutory distance from the ball. Another innovation is the possibility of choosing the order of strokes of one of the teams at the break through a penalty shoot out. In addition, the Commission rejected proposals for possible revision of the results of the matches based on the video, using video to clarify controversial points during the game, the introduction of the judges behind the goal, the introduction of deletions from the field for a few minutes of the match. The Commission also stressed that the players t-shirt must have sleeves. Everything else agreed to unify the rules for determining the winner of the match, if it does not have enough regular time, and judges are encouraged to pay attention to the correctness of the behavior of the players in a penalty shootout. The Commission also took action on a number of technical issues..

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