Dida: childhood Idol - Dasaev

Dida: childhood Idol - DasaevDosealso de Jesus Silva (DIDA)was Born October 7, 1973 in the city of Irara in Brazil.Performed at country clubs "Vitoria" and "Cruzeiro". In "Milan" from the 2000/01 season, last season spent on loan at Brazilian club Corinthians.World champion 2002, world Vice-champion in 1998. The Owner Of The Cup Of America - 1999. The winner of the championship of Brazil (1999), winner of Brazil (1996). The winner of the FIFA club world (1999).The 2002/03 season in Milan: Serie a - 19 matches, UEFA Champions League - 8 games.Main goalkeeper "Milan" is named that way: nГ©lson de Jesus Silva. Where did the nickname Dida? The player himself, answering my question, said that this nickname stuck to him in childhood. But why it doesn't remember.Dida was in Milan before the season 2000/01 when the goal was ruled Sebastiano Rossi. The Brazilian was, however, a chance to prove themselves in the Champions League in his first season, however, an absurd goal, missed in the ill-fated match 19 September 2000, "Leeds" - "Milan" (1:0) and many times scrolled TV throughout Italy and then put an end to his hopes. Last season, the Milanese sent Dida for rent in Corinthians, where he went back to the summer of 2002. Back world champion!If, during the world Cup in France he was the third goalkeeper in Korea and Japan moved up one rung - was the understudy Marcus. Entrusting the Didem place in the starting lineup in the absence of the injured Abbiati, Carlo Ancelotti has left the Brazilian in post number one and after returning to the ranks of Italian: performs the primary role of the goalkeeper only in the Italian Cup. While his coach Dida fails: conducted in eight League matches Champions conceded just five goals, and at the end of the first round series And has become one of the best goalkeepers.In the game Dida, the goalkeeper "Milan" В¦ 1, looks awesomely - growth 195 cm, weight 95 kg. And the outside looks good-natured giant, radiating positive energy.- I know that the idol of your childhood - Rinat Dasaev. Why is he?- The first world Cup that I watched in the age of reason, occurred in 1982. Brazil then got to one group with the USSR team. And at your goal played Dasaev. He was one of the best in that championship. I remember the adults around me spoke of him with admiration. Became and I'm all eyes to follow Deshevym. I admired his confident game in the goalie area and throughout free. When they say that the goalkeeper is in the goal, and not plays, colleagues offended. Now, Dasaev it is played in goal, he was a world class goalkeeper, a Master with a capital letter. The goalkeeper must not be afraid to take responsibility for themselves, and Dasaev able to do that. Starting a career, I largely focused on its best quality.- Are you familiar with the game other Russian goalies?- Unfortunately, no. Except Dasaev, nobody know. Your closest rival Lokomotiv. What do you know about him? For the review of matches of the Champions League that had a chance to look through, I can say that there are great players. "Locomotive" for only the second time playing in this tournament, and has managed to break through to the second stage. The Russian football had very little success in recent years, so the "locomotive" threat - his players certainly want to prove their worth. After all, how will play this Russian team in the coming matches, depends largely on the prestige of your club football.- And yet, you know, Milan is going to win, right? We want to secure an exit from the group as quickly as possible, so in two upcoming matches we need to win and score six points. Although it will not be easy. I am sure that the "locomotive" in Milan and will not agree to the role of whipping boy, but at home, of course, will play to win - You know that in Moscow you may have to play in the most greenhouse conditions?- Cold is the first word that comes to mind at the mention of Russia. The cold and snow - strong Russian weapons (laughs). But we will somehow manage. If my countrymen are going to play in Russia for the whole season, I hope, will not freeze in a single match.- What, in your opinion, motivates Brazilians who go to Western Europe, and in Russia?- In my country a lot of talented players. They are much more than clubs in Western Europe. In Russia go first of all to earn and also get some experience.- Whether, in your opinion, the Russian football is different from the Brazilian?- I have no way to watch the matches of your League, so don't think of myself as a connoisseur in this matter. It seems to me that Brazilians are much more skillful Russians, but the Russians are ahead of many Brazilians in physical readiness.- Who of Brazilian goalkeepers you can highlight? If a childhood idol was Dasaev, then later I admired the game Claudio Taffarel. One of those Brazilian goalkeepers I've ever seen live, he is number one.- The legend says that in Brazil all want to be strikers or Midfielders. Why did you become a goalkeeper?- It happened by itself. In the early childhood partners have been kicking better than me, so I ended up in goal. And then off it went.- But your shock left leg is not so bad: after training you frequently get in the gate from the right corner flag!- Well, it's so pampering. In the game I don't have to fulfill the corner (laughs).- But in the match against Udinese you boldly came into the penalty area and tried to score.- Hiking to the opposite corner and did in Brazil. I hope that you no longer have to run to a different penalty: we'll try not to bring it to such a risk.- Ronaldo or Rivaldo: who, in your opinion, stronger?- These players can be compared. Ronaldo is a pure striker, Rivaldo attacking midfielder. First - best in his category, the second in his.- Who would win in a friendly match AC Milan - team Brazil?- A lot of respect for Milan, but still would give the Brazilian team: I am Brazilian and proud of it. Both at the club and national team, with which I hope to play at the world Cup in Germany as the main goalkeeper, so many stars that such a match would be a real spectacle.George KUDINOV.

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