Borussia - Locomotive. Sammer waiting

Borussia - Locomotive. Sammer waitingBefore the last match of the second group stage of the Champions League Borussia should have no problems with motivation. The German team should be in no matter what was to win at Westfalenstadion" Moscow "locomotive", hoping that real Madrid will not be able to beat out Milan. However, Muscovites will only be satisfied with victory.Goal scored by real Madrid in the last minute of the match in Dortmund, caused Borussia significant blow. A draw (1:1) two weeks ago meant that the fate of the German team is now in the hands of "real" and "Milan". Now Borussia occupies the third place in the table, one point behind Madrid. Matthias Sammer hopes that in the remaining two games his team will be able to score enough points to go out in the 1/4 finals of the League and to deprive the "real" hopes of retaining the title."Hopefully, an enjoyable game, although a strong defense of "Loco" makes me nervous, " said Sammer. It will be a difficult match, but we definitely need a win. We need to go on the field with one thought - to score first". However, in a match with Moscow "Borussia" will have to do without the injured Tomas Rosicky and Jorg Heinrich.The latter was ruled out for two months - this weekend in the match against mönchengladbach teammates, which they lost with the score 0:1, Heinrich tore a hamstring. 22 - year-old Rosicky successfully recovered from the stretching of the thigh muscles, but the game is not ready yet. "Against the Muscovites Tomas, unfortunately, will not be able to enter the field," says Sammer.But the German coach can count on the experienced defender and team captain Stefan Reuter, fully recovered from a foot injury. Midfielder Lars Ricky, who had back problems, is also back in operation. Defeat in Moenchengladbach increased the loss to Borussia Dortmund from the Bundesliga leader, Bayern, on 13 points. But Dortmund defender Sebastian Kehl assures journalists that this defeat will go to benefit the team."With what happened in mönchengladbach difficult to accept, but perhaps this shake-up what we need," says Kel. His partner on defense Christoph Metzelder sure that failures in the championship does not affect the game Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League. "The European Cup and domestic League is absolute different tournaments. I think we have a good chance in the game against the Muscovites," said Metzelder.Victory over CSKA Moscow in the Russian super Cup certainly gave additional force to "locomotive". The Muscovites still a chance of reaching the play-offs, despite the fact that while the Team earned only one point. The defeat in Germany permanently deprive "railroad" to continue fighting for a place in the quarterfinals. "We understand that our chances of getting through we have virtually no", - says Yuri Semin.But Semin has promised that his players do not need to be reminded of the importance of the match in the Champions League. "Borussia" much stronger "Locomotive", besides we are not okay in attack. But, no matter what, we will fight until the end," he said. Recall that due to injury will not play James Obiora. The participation in the game of Maxim Buznikin and Julio Cesar, who picked up injuries in the match for the super Cup.Manfred Christoph.

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