CL. Phrase of the tour

CL. Phrase of the tourThomas GERSTER, head coach of the German "Bayer" (expressing claims against defender Chris, guilty of two missed goals in a match with "Newcastle"):- I can't get my head around how the player of a national team can make such mistakes. I have the feeling that in the Brazil team take the first available players.Rafael BENITEZ, head coach of Valencia (finding no reasons for the devastating defeat against Roma): "I feel embarrassed in front of the fans for our lousy game.Fabio CAPELLO, head coach of as Roma (after the sensational victory of the Italians over Valencia): "We showed everyone that it is too early to drive nails into the lid of our coffin.Javier PORTILLO, a defender of "real" (substitute in the game against Borussia Dortmund in the 90th minute and after a couple of minutes around to finish it score): Before leaving for the replacement of the partners told me that I have to even the score. The prediction came true. Now I always beg them to do the same.Arsene WENGER, coach of Arsenal (criticizing purely defensive tactics, "Ajax"):- the Match with us "Ajax" stained the reputation of the club, known for its sparkling football. The current generation of players the team is more like a cowardly rabbit.Ronald KOEMAN, the coach of Ajax (in response to the attacks Arsene Wenger):- I don't care that I was accused of partiality to defensive football. I even agree that I have been called scum, if the team would play in the quarterfinals..

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