CL. Group b: before the fifth round

CL. Group b: before the fifth roundThe group gave the intrigue football fans. Moreover, the intrigue is not imaginary, but very real, entangled, interesting. In General, the equation with four unknown, which may not be resolved after this tour. The team will be able to solve it only in one case today in both games the home team will win victory. However, it seems unlikely, Valencia and Roma will agree with this outcome.If the match "Arsenal" - "Roma" was held a couple of weeks ago, the favorite could be called in advance. Too powerful then looked squad Arsene Wenger, too unstable and played team Fabio Capello. However, since then much has changed, Arsenal can't win in the League already three games (last win English club won in Rome), and "Roma" seems to be gradually finding his game. After an unexpected victory in Valencia, the Romans won the "Empoli" in the Italian championship, and then at the last minute went from defeat in the Rome Derby, which will certainly add positive emotions to the Italians. In addition, Arsenal has apparent problems with the composition; most likely on the field Highbury will not be able to get Thierry Henry, who scored a hat-trick in the first match of these commands. But if the attack Wenger has a good selection of players in the protection of the case is clearly bad. Microtrauma received Central defenders of the team Keown and Campbell, and if they still fail to help his team on Tuesday night, the defense of Londoners will be the most vulnerable link in the meeting with Roma.The second match will be no less dramatic. Ajax dreams about revival of its former glory, and I must say that Ronald Koeman has managed to create a great team, though not a superstar yet, but sufficiently organized and prepared to tackle difficult tasks. Perhaps, the young coach can get the most from his players. Would not be surprising if the Dutch will be able to get out of a complicated group. Keep them just a lack of experience; recall that in the first group stage, the team found itself in the same situation, but lost at home to inter, and advanced to the second round only due to the fact that Lyon Marseille failed to beat Rosenborg.As for Valencia, then there is an obvious drawback of the coach. BenГ­tez failed to bring the team to the peak by mid-March, and they were in crisis at the crucial moment. The defeat against Atletico in the last round proved the randomness of the mishap with Roma, and both of those defeats Valencia suffered at home. It is quite natural that in Amsterdam the Spaniards will play from defence, in the hope of saving counterattack, because the lesion will greatly complicate the lives of Valencia, and at a certain scenario does leave the team out of the Champions League..

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