The locomotive is real: after the match

The locomotive is real: after the matchAt the postgame press conference, the coaches of both teams Yuri Semin and Vincente Del Bosque was in a good mood. And if the joy of a mentor "real" is understandable, the head coach of "Locomotive", who lost five of their six games, was pleased with the good play of his team.Yuri Semin began his speech with a tribute to "real": "I Congratulate real Madrid in the 1/4 finals and wish real Madrid not to dwell on it. As for the game and performances of "Locomotive" in the Champions League we were worthy, because our team the strongest clubs of Europe and the best players in the world. In separate matches Lokomotiv showed good football in some he looked worse. But overall I'm happy. Thanks to all those who supported us during the UEFA Champions League in the first place - our fans for the support that we felt in every match.I hope we can reward their good results in the next drawing. Not going to single anyone out, all the team has accomplished the coaching setup and could count on a successful outcome of the match. But great masters is that created from a minimum of they are able to extract the maximum. Yuri Pavlovich lamented also that he could not count on Jacob, Lekhetho. "He felt bad. Said fatigue, therefore our lead counsel have not been able to play".The coach Vicente Del Bosque said his team won not only the opponent, but also on a difficult field. "When I first saw the turf, it is questioned whether it is possible to score on this pitch. But my players have managed to score one goal, which opened the way for us in the quarter-finals. What we wanted to prove. Before real Madrid are the highest goals, and the task closer to the final we met. Such a great club like real Madrid had to pass on."One of the best players of the match midfielder Marat Izmailov admitted after the confrontation with real Madrid, the game was equal, and sometimes even the railroad had the initiative: "We are lacking class. But overall, even despite the defeat, I think we pleased the spectators coming to the stadium. And we, too, not to reproach yourself with. The only thing unhappy that not everything worked out the plan. Against such opponents as the "real" you know what still needs to work".At the beginning of the meeting, Vadim Evseev cut lip, hit the head of Zinedine Zidane, he was bandaged, but the quality of play linebacker Muscovites is not affected: "it is a Pity that we failed to score. We played with a serious contender. Before the match Yuri Semin was asked in the locker room to show the audience who came to the stadium, all we can do. And although we lost, what we did "annoy" real Madrid says the fact that after the first match we have agreed with real Madrid to exchange t-shirts, but now they refused to fulfill his promise. In this there is nothing offensive, but it is a recognition on their part of our strength. Real Madrid have big names, but when you come on, forget about it. Try to fight for every ball".The players of real Madrid after the victory over the Russians looked devastated. Only MГ­chel Salgado paid attention to the correspondent Р РўР -РЎРїРѕСЂС‚.Ru "We in whatever was needed to win. Thus, we approached the game. Lokomotiv rested, but we need a goal we still scored, and in a tough game proved that we are a well coordinated team, which is able at the right time to show his class. I want to add that I was very pleased with the atmosphere at the Moscow stadium, and, of course, I am pleased that we continue to retain the Champions League trophy. So we just won't give!"".

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