Maminov will receive a prize For loyalty to the club

Maminov will receive a prize For loyalty to the clubThe winner of the prize under the auspices of the Russian football Union "For loyalty to the Club", which is annually awarded by the newspaper "international railroad", was the midfielder Moscow "Locomotive" Vladimir Maminov, ITAR-TASS reported. Maminov stands for Lokomotiv since 1992, having in its composition 278 matches.The individual episodes of the career of Vladimir deserve emulation and talk about the brave, courageous character.He not only recovered after a collision with the "train" "so the fans have dubbed the player of "Dynamo" Igor Cheryshev), in which Vladimir Maminov "earned" cruciate ligament and a damaged meniscus (and this at the age of twenty), but almost a year again worn on the field as if on wings, to the surprise of the doctors. Bright answer their diagnosis - "hat trick" in the Cup match in 1995 gates quite crestfallen goalkeeper of "Zenit" Eugene Kornyuhina. As the current season began in the career Maminov, perhaps the best. After "home" a three "dry" series in the game against torpedo Maminov break the tie a perfect shot into the far corner of the goal.In the locker room it was personally congratulated by the Minister of Railways Gennady Fadeev, and in the next meeting Vladimir thanked him: on the scoreboard popped up again: "Goal scored by Vladimir Maminov". Cup "For loyalty to the club," the player will be awarded at the end of January in the Kremlin during the celebration of the team's first victory in the championship of Russia. His partners have owned this prize twice: Sergei Ovchinnikov in 1995, Dmitry Loskov - in 1999..

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