CL. Five treasured places: odds analysis

CL. Five treasured places: odds analysisOne round before the end of the second group stage of the UEFA Champions League three teams have secured a place in the play-offs. Barcelona, AC Milan and Manchester United are already preparing for the quarterfinals, the remaining five seats are vacant. So next Tuesday and Wednesday many of us again will count all sorts of layouts.Three teams - Moscow "Lokomotiv", "Bayer" and "Deportivo" - to reach the quarter-finals. The unpredictable situation in group B. the Gap between its leader, Ajax, and closes the Quartet Roma is only 3 points. All the teams have real chances of success. "Ajax" is quite a draw with Roma or even defeat with a difference in one goal with the score 2:3 and above, on condition that Arsenal will beat Valencia."The gunners will move forward, win or will split points with Valencia. If you lose the Galicians, the British troops will remain to hope for the defeat of the Dutch, because then they too get in the playoffs. Valencia just a single point behind Ajax and Arsenal, and its task is "easier". Wards Rafa Benitez have to win at home of the British, a different result will not help them. Roma will organize the following options: a win over Ajax and a draw in the meeting of the gunners with the Galicians, or victory with the score 1:0 or 2:0 plus the success of "Arsenal".Group A place in the quarter-finals is reserved only for the Catalans. "Inter are a point ahead of Newcastle United and will move further provided that will win in Leverkusen will play either England is worse. The magpies at St James ' Park will take Barca, and they also need better than "inter" is the result.A similar situation in group C. Milan in the quarter-finals, and reaching the second "real" is only a point ahead of Dortmund. The victory in Moscow will provide to Madrid for a place in the eight - otherwise they will have to hope that the "Borussia" in Milan will not show the best result."Manchester United FC have secured the top spot in group D. Second quarter-finalists from this group will likely be Juventus, leading to three points Deportivo of La coruГ±a and the Swiss "Basel". Only the victory of the "Basel" with a crushing score over Juve, provided with a draw or defeat of Deportivo in a match with "Manchester United" can prevent "old Signora" to get in the top eight."The Basel" we must beat the Italians 4:0 or with five goals and hoped that "Depor" will not be able to beat the manchestertsy. Interestingly, in the case of simultaneous victory of Basel and Deportivo will be held on... "Juventus". Despite the fact that in this case, three teams will have 7 points, Juventus will prokovyljat further for the best in-person meetings. She already has 7 points, Basel can score only 6, and "Depor" - only 4. However, after a few days we will have and the teams will take their places..

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