Oleg Romantsev: Challenges we have as always the maximum.

Oleg Romantsev: Challenges we have as always the maximum.Today in DC "Motorist" was held a traditional pre-season meeting fans of Spartak Moscow with the management, coaching staff and players comandita DK "Motorist" nearly burst at the seams from a huge number of volunteers to communicate with their Pets. In the beginning of the meeting Oleg Romantsev presented beginners red-white: Roman Pavlyuchenko, the Maxim Demenko, Andrew Rubin, Dmitry Smirnova and Vladislav Vashchuk (in connection with the death of mom, Vlad flew to Kiev), and joined the ranks of Spartacus legions of other countries: Brazilians Andre, luisão and Moroccan Bugs.Then within the hour the management and the players answered numerous questions, most of which are naturally intended to Oleg. Each answer Spartak leader was followed by thunderous applause. Unfortunately, in connection with the business Affairs of the club, was unable to attend the meeting, the President "Spartaka" Andrey Chervichenko. Therefore, the subject of the operation had to cover sports Director Alexander Chikunov.Overall, despite, at times of acute emotional issues, the dinner was held in a very warm atmosphere and is often accompanied by jokes. To bring the chronology of the meeting was hardly appropriate, but a summary of the main statements of the Spartacists to bring to the public, of course, cost.Oleg Romantsev: "the Task we have as always the maximum. And that we will do our best to solve them, you can rest assured"Oleg Romantsev: "We know that You are very upset with the results of our last test matches, but do not take them to heart. We spent sparring against the fatigue, exercising twice a day. There was a process of nagrywania ties. Believe me, soon the team will show a very different game and very different results". Alexey Prudnikov: "we Have three good goalkeepers: Bugs, Zuev and Alekseev. I think that with last frontier we have no problems".Alexander Chikunov: "At the last meeting RFPL we voted for, that fans were allowed to bring into the stands all the paraphernalia, drums, slack Adjusters, torches. Spartak is doing everything possible to ensure that football for the people has become a real holiday".Alexander Chikunov: "Tomorrow Smirnov will be included in the application. Dima will be able to play for Spartak in the first official match of the season against his former club".Maxim Demenko: "We are newcomers Spartak understand what the team got. We really want to help the club once again become champion. So we will fight in every game as hard".Moisés Pinheiro: "you don't need to see from which country the Legionnaires. We are professionals and we care about your team, or slightly less home-grown players. Spartak spirit - for us, not empty words!"After the meeting with the fans, Spartak went to the base. Red and white are now working in Tarasovka on the field very decent quality and I hope that at stadium of a name of Streltsova March 15, the lawn will not хуже.www.spartak.com.

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