Football dreams Yegor Titov

Football dreams Yegor TitovMissed it. I wait for his return. Anyone with a simple interest, who with great anticipation. Because "Spartak" without Titova is a completely different team.With the ball!" Bypasses one, another. Goes on the shock position. Go-o-ol! The captain of "Spartacus" wakes up and after a few moments grins ruefully - it's all just a dream. Alas, while goals from Egor churning out only in the realm of Morpheus.? Nice goals though able to? - asked Yegor. - Where spectacular happens - in life or in a dream?? Goals normal, nothing extraordinary. Importantly, the joy overwhelms me wild. Celebrate them just frantically. And so everything is really like in real life.? In the morning, a frustration?? Still! Of course, I want to quickly on the field to score for real.? "Quickly" once already turned you sideways. Come out for a match with "the Locomotive" - and here is the result: five months without football.? You know, I often dream that I once again get on the field, not fully recovered. Play and afraid: suddenly will break again?? In such moments don't Wake up in a cold sweat?? No. In the morning remember. Scroll through the details of his dreams.We disabled? Now pain remain?? Almost there. Still more than five months have passed. It's time to start playing in full force and out of my head what it was.? Do you do it?? In training - almost always. Sometimes, flirting while dvuhstoronka or just some interesting exercises. Start, forget about everything. And remember, only when fatigue sets in. We with Vlad Vaschuk in the work, by the way, there is one "but". The doctor told us that in any case nothing can be done against the fatigue. It is important that the foot was fresh. When tired, dulled attention and there is a risk to be injured again. So I precipitated myself.? In dvuhstoronka protect themselves from "joints"?? Of course. But here again I must say thank you guys. They are great. You know what we with Vlad not to engage in martial arts, so I try not to touch under any circumstances, not to go into the fight with us. Yes I know it's dangerous. If you feel that the ball is my go at it, but if you see that the possible intersection, avoiding a collision.? But in everyday life, dark thoughts can't reach?? When you love your work, they simply do not. Of course, in the morning when I Wake up, my leg goes numb. I feel a tightness in their connection. But that's okay. People who have experienced something similar, had the same feeling. Before leaving for a training camp in Turkey talked with a former partner Eugene Basmanova. He had a serious injury three years ago. Time, in General, quite large. Eugene says: you about your damage won't forget. It will remind of itself. Not always, of course. But that's okay. We ? persons with disabilities, and this can not be helped.Wife saved from the enormous stress? Egor, it's one thing to play dvuhstoronka with partners and the other official matches, where the battle for points is serious. There you cherish will not be.? In my situation, time heals. The more it goes, the stronger will get stronger the bond, the better it will keep. So I think for the first round I will be ahead. Anyway, I hope so. Joints? Again, the game is all forgotten. Before the match with "the Locomotive" I was afraid, worried, after all, only recently broke. And went on the field - forgotten trauma, did everything as usual. However, in the simplest case, the leg broke.

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