The Zenith is targeting a place in the top three

The Zenith is targeting a place in the top threeToday the players of "Zenith" came from vacation, but not practiced, limiting the General meeting of the team on which the club's President Vitaly Mutko announced the task for the season 2003. "I hope that you forgot about last season, or at least made the right conclusions. Anyway we shareholders have done so. In other words, this year the team will consist of 22 persons, not 30 as happened previously. So I hope, because you are professionals," said Vitaly Mutko to the players. Then the President introduced the new head coach of Vlastimila Peterzela beginners and Czechs Radek Shirley and Martin Horak and Vladislav Radimov who came to the meeting straight from the airport. Then Vitaly Mutko announced the task for the season, saying that "Zenith" should be among the three winners. On the occasion of the first day of training it was decided not to carry out, replacing it with personal interviews for a new head coach with players, among which were returned from rental cocks, Nagibin, Curteian, Akims. The strongest impression Vlastimil Petrzela apparently made Sargis Hovsepyan, who after leaving office, said that practice tomorrow he will come early. However, according to the order of the new head coach from now on, the team will meet for half an hour before practice. Soon the training will consist of crosses, as well as work in a gym and sports halls. On December 27 "Zenith" and does have class. The fact that such classes Vlastimil Petrzela practiced with their teams in the Czech Republic. The role of the coach was made by his wife Zuzanna. The same Peter to this position he was going to invite local instructor..

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