Matthias Sammer: it is Not always necessary to fight for the Golden pineapple

Matthias Sammer: it is Not always necessary to fight for the Golden pineappleAbout the upcoming Champions League match with Lokomotiv coach of Borussia Dortmund's Matthias Sammer has not yet said. However, the head of the press service of the club Joseph Auger assured that all matters relating to this meeting, the mentor Champions Germany will meet on Tuesday at the pre-match press conference.- Why your team after the winter break has never won on the road?- We are in the first round on away venues were not very spectacular. But then the team realized opportunities.- It seems that in mönchengladbach your wards there were problems with the attitude to the game...- We lacked five to ten per cent of the required "calcnote". And the defeat of logical. The past mönchengladbach same tried very hard for their new coach. Generally, you can understand if the players are fighting for survival in the Bundesliga, even the house they are building the game on defense and almost not depart from the gate farther than 30 meters. We allowed only one mistake, after which the outcome of the match can not influence any of the technical and tactical indicators... And yet the most real chance to open the scoring was our team. Such opponents we had, of course, to score first.- Don't you think that a team fighting for the championship is obliged to show a more meaningful game?- Monchengladbach was very organized. It is extraordinarily difficult to play against clubs that are struggling for survival. In these games you can not make mistakes.- How the team reacts to the loss?- It's a shame that we didn't get to play in defence to zero. In addition, do not use the correct odds. That only is the opportunity for loss Evanilson... But, believe me, we will not collapse.- The fans were still thrilled with the match in Dortmund against real... " My team played well, but at this level for any mistake the opponent punishes. At the 92nd minute when we conceded a goal, we should not fight for the Golden pineapple, as for the prize for the beautiful game. In this situation it was necessary to defend suits us 1-0. The result, of course, very offensive... They fought with thinner blades, but we can beat a team on their own field.- Probably a big disappointment and after a home defeat against Milan?- Of course. With all due respect to the opponents draw is a maximum of what they could accomplish in that meeting.- After several defeats already in your address sometimes hear criticism... Criticism is needed, sometimes it is even useful. I only get annoyed when using it try to do politics.- But the fact that this season Borussia scored significantly behind the speed of the "Bavaria". After the rapid progress in the last season your team now stagnation?- The word "stagnation" is not suitable. If you climb to the top is too steep, it can cause a fall. The path must sometimes pass on the plains - to build up strength for the next lift.- One of your key players - Tomas Rosicky. The whole team relies on him? Of course, he is an outstanding football player. When Rosicky is in good shape, it is of great help to the team. But even if Tomas is not on the go, you need to be able to decide the outcome of the match in their favor.- Turns out, the team still depends on Rosicky?- Why the team should not depend on a good player? Don't see anything wrong with that. Remove from real Madrid Zidane. Or Ronaldo from Brazil in the final world championship against Germany. Clearly, both teams have something to lose.- Borussia failed in 2000, Bayer - in the current season. Why only Bayern constantly manages to stay in the lead?- For such stability was warranted and Bayern deserve respect. But we should not forget that last season at the top we were. And in 90-ies Borussia ahead of Bayern. And most of the time.Efim SHAINSKY.

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