Old favorites of the new season

Old favorites of the new seasonMarch 15 will start the next championship of Russia on football. Its launch is expected with great interest. Already long ago, the Russian football fans and experts are not anticipating such an intense struggle. First of all, it should be noted that at the start of the championship, not only (but rather not so much), "Spartacus", as it was up until last season, will claim victory in the championship. Now the most efficient look of last year's leaders - "the locomotive" and CSKA. Also serious are the objectives you set multiple non-capital teams, from which we can expect any surprises. Another upcoming championship is notable for the appearance in the Russian teams of the whole group of skilled foreigners - and armeec Jarosik, and Nowotny Rubin, and new head coach "Zenith" Petrzhela. We will try to analyze the chances of the 16 clubs of the Russian Football Premier League in the season of 2003. Lokomotiv vs CSKA Moscow, or Confrontation Semin-Hassainia from the second half of last season the opposition "the Locomotive" and CSKA begins to resemble the battle of "Spartak" and Kiev "Dynamo" of allied superiority. While Lokomotiv wins. The railroad has twice seriously upset Gazzayev's wards at the end of last year in the Golden match, and at the beginning of this in the game for the super Cup. Despite the advantage of "Locomotive" in their confrontation, prospects CSKA look pretty rosy. CSKA is well appreciated in the offseason without losing their leaders. In addition, CSKA became more coordinated and powerful. The task for the season is clear: to win the championship. And CSKA fans as never can count on success. Semak, Gusev, Jarosik is far not the full list, army of stars, but in the skills, experience and wisdom, head coach of CSKA and Russian national team Valery Gazzayev no doubt. In my opinion, the main rival of CSKA's only one - last year's champion Lokomotiv. Railwaymen have set themselves only one goal - to retain the title. Yuri Semin for a very long time created last year's "Golden" Loco". And this "Golden" team hardly changed in the offseason. But for some reason can't shake the feeling that the composition of the Team had reached his ceiling. Need fresh blood, which is yet to be seen - On the places all of us may place only a game, but CSKA still looks more promising and modern. The people's team"Spartak" has always stood and stands alone in the Russian football. The "national team" of particular interest, because the red-and-white for many years been the flagship of the Russian football. But now Spartak is going through major changes. First and foremost is a change of generations. Oleg Romantsev relies on young. The club refused the services of highly experienced Cherchesov and Khlestov, left Spartak and Beschastnyh. Not played last year and left the club this is a promising Nemov and Kudryashov, returned to Novorossiysk Levitsky and Techwise. Add to this a decently played Him and "rebel" Sychev, and still injured Parfenova and Titov. Decent list of losses turned out - So there is nothing surprising in the fact that in the offseason Spartak loses one after another sparring. And it is not yet clear whether the newly Spartak Pavlyuchenko, Demenko, Smirnov Vashchuk and become leaders. Manual red-and-white poses maximum wards the goal is to win the championship and the Cup. But, in my opinion, this is a tribute to tradition and maximalism Romantseva. Spartak this year nepobedimyy not looks. Even if you will quickly rediscover old form Titov and Parfenov, will play beginners and will add Spartacus youth - still Lokomotiv and CSKA look to more solid today. Moreover, to date, several teams (let us call them "second tier") is able to play, at least not weaker multiple Champions. Further, "the second echelon". "The second echelon"teams able to compete for medals and places in the top six include "wings of the Soviets", "Saturn", "Zenith", "torpedo", "Dynamo" and "Shinnik". In fairness it should be noted that the last four of the club will intervene in the fight for the podium only with adequate luck. But the "COP" and "Saturn" is able to solve serious problems that is called "the game". Both clubs progressed in the game and their leadership has repeatedly stated its claims on a pedestal. "Wings" have lost a Manager and a leader Radimov, but the team with regard to new acquisitions, experience and teamwork looks capable of much. The invitation to "Saturn" Vitaly Shevchenko, who won with "torpedo" "bronze", speaks about the seriousness of a suburban team. Last year's 6th place in the leadership of Saturn was considered a failure, and now wards Shevchenko only one goal - to win medals of Russian football. Evaluating real chances and opportunities of rivals, it should be noted that "Saturn" is quite capable to compete for the bronze. Certainly one of the most interesting clubs for today is "Zenith". The team from Neva banks decided on a very serious step to invite a coach from abroad. While Czech Vlastimil Petrzhela was remembered that famously remade "Zenit", abandoning a group of old-timers and inviting a few of their compatriots.

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