His vozdushno Koller

His vozdushno Koller29-year-old striker of Borussia Dortmund's Jan Koller, whose height is 2 meters and 2 centimeters, the highest footballer of the second stage of the UEFA Champions League. This season, 100-pound Czech giant, wearing shoes 50 size, added to the 11 goals in the Bundesliga 6 goals in UEFA club competition.Its growth Koller believes the advantage that allows him to "down" to look to others. This is particularly important when drawing standards, when a striker can prove his ability to lead a horse fight. "Cons of this growth in the lack of coordination and mobility," says Koller. - However I am constantly working on it and gradually get rid of them".Koller says, "to become more and more" he was with for 13 years. In football he came 5-year and since then for him, this game is the most favorite sport". Of course, Koller feels some discomfort when he has to act against smaller and more nimble rivals: "Sometimes I really having problems. But when I was playing in Belgium, we stayed after practice and worked on my shortcomings."During the matches of Borussia Dortmund and real Madrid we sometimes have the impression that within the penalty of the Spanish defenders are afraid Collier even close to admit to the ball. Their fears were justified - in both games Cech managed to distinguish. However, Koller not resting on its laurels and constantly strives to improve. In training you can see it fulfills the headers after crosses from the flanks.Young players who dream of becoming professional footballers, Koller advises to work not only on the shortcomings, but also to develop talent: "You must learn not to feel sorry for myself in football." Confirmation of the words of Collier serves as his play in the Champions League. Cech is always ready to return to defend and help his defenders.Koller spent in Dortmund for two seasons. His contract with Borussia calculated would be valid for three years. Ian has an excellent rapport with Tomas Rosicky, his friend and compatriot. "Tomas is very helpful to me," says Koller. On the field we constantly use our understanding. However, outside of football, we remain very good friends."Koller is aware that the "gold" of the championship Germany almost certainly will go to Bayern. Thus, the spring task Dortmund club Cech sees it: "We must hold on to second place and book a place in the Champions League for the new season."Manfred Christoph.

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