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Saturn-REN TV lost Garbarnia

Saturn-REN TV lost GarbarniaThe reserve of "Saturn-REN TV" conducting the collection in Larnaca, February 25, played a friendly match with the Polish club "Garbarnia" and conceded with the account 3:4. In addition to releasing the club Damianitza, Gagra, melesina and Movsesian, with the team now train under preview: goalkeepers - fists and Suleymanov (Zenit-brace), fielders - Volikov, Bobylev, Shutin and Ivakin."Saturn-REN TV"-double "Garbarnia" (Avorn, Poland) - 3:4 (0:0)"Saturn-REN TV": Damjanac (Suleymanov, 46), Gurchenkov, Likhachev, Sarbiewski, Gagra, Meleshin, Agapov (Bazhenov, 46), Solomatin, Chernihiv, Tsuruta, Movsesian.Rollins a "Saturn-REN TV" and scored: Sarbiewski (penalty), Ceruta - 2..

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