Samir Muratovic: If successful, will create competition and Loko and CSKA

Samir Muratovic: If successful, will create competition and Loko and CSKASaturn, which has more recently competed in competitions at regional scale, in a few years established himself in the Premier League by storm authority. Now the club seems prepared to press the recognized leaders on the podium.The Moscow region team became one of the most international in the Russian football. But this coin is going to look truth in the eye, as with any, has a reverse side. And suddenly, in "Saturn" will be of the group consisting of the representatives of Latin America, the former Yugoslavia and our countrymen with you? Because then, believe me, all the efforts made by the club management and coaching staff, will go down the drain.But when I expressed my concerns to the Bosnian footballer Samir Muratovich, he immediately tried to dispel them:- it is Clear that the Brazilians easier to communicate with each other and with the players from your continent than with those who was born in Yugoslavia or the USSR. And at home they will meet more frequently than with us. But on the field - and this is now - we gradually become one team, where everyone is striving to win. Have no doubt: it will take a month, and for all the new players "Saturn" will be the same home team, as it became for me. But after the summer, after expiry of the initial contract, you were going to return home.- Here's the thing. My wife with a small child it was not easy in a foreign country without her husband, who was constantly either at the camp or on the road. And, counsel, we came to the conclusion that they would be better in Bosnia. And when the season ended in 2001, the wife asked that in the middle of the next I, too, returned home. But my team convinced me that four months will pass unnoticed. I, in turn, was convinced of the same wife. And extended his contract.- For the last year and a half you've encountered with some everyday problems, which sometimes have the Legionnaires playing in Russia?- Believe it or not, but I have not encountered in "Saturn" even the mini-challenges. The club not only performs in time all obligations, but also cares about the players, the parents of the children.- And you try to respond to parental concern a good game.- Actually last season was successful for me less successful than the previous one. In the first round match with "the Dynamo" has suffered a serious injury and my foot was put in plaster. A month and a half did not play. And when it seemed that all the worst is behind us, let's bruises, which could not gain the optimum form. In several matches after 10-15 minutes of the game felt a sharp pain in my leg and requested a replacement. In General, the fortune turned away from me. And from the team too?" In the penultimate round, which is largely decided, of course. In the game against torpedo at the Luzhniki stadium we had an overwhelming advantage and a chance to pull out a victory even when left nine men on the field. But was content with the draw. And in the final match lost to CSKA and again settled down in the table after the first five. Since then, it took relatively little time, but Saturn has been noticeably updated. How do you feel in today's companies?- And how would I feel if in "Saturn" in 2002 appeared Jović, and two months ago - lesniak? Of course, better. Just as Prince Y. Amoako, who now have someone to talk to: p., da Silva, Hidalgo, Gedera... coach Shevchenko, who, like Prince, he is fluent in English and Spanish. And Spanish is similar to Portuguese spoken by Brazilians.- Can you say that you already found a common language with debutants "Saturn" on the pitch? For this we need a little more time. But now I have no doubt that very soon we will understand each other perfectly. In "Saturn" came the players a good class. And than more, the better - both for me and for the team.- Not afraid of competition?- In reputable clubs without it. There is no tough competition - there is no team and no result. Even in training in such an environment, every player is laid out to the end. But nothing of the game and needless to say. And I'm not afraid of competition. My job is to work, and the coaches will decide who is better prepared for a particular match. And then, do not forget that the championship is a marathon. Anything with any player, like, say, me last year, could happen. And remarkably, if the coach has an opportunity to replace an injured player is equivalent to a master.- Which of the friendlies you succeeded?" Perhaps, with Dnipro, when da Silva with my submission scored the decisive goal. By the way, February 19, we will meet again with this interesting Ukrainian team.- How do you carry the load at the training camp?- At first it was hard, but then when we went training with the ball, tiredness stopped to notice. (At this point Milan Jović present at the conversation, suddenly spoke Russian without any accent: "Those who know how to play, I love to train with the ball, and who can not - I like to run without the ball". And the three of us laughed, appreciating the joke, which is really a large element of truth.)- But those who are friends with the ball and is able to beat two or three players, always gets from opponents. As, for example, you in a match with "Uralanom".- Yes, it was a very unpleasant episode. At the back of the eye no, and I certainly could not see the player who hit me from behind in the legs. If he tried to dislodge the ball, it could be forgiven. But for him at that moment, the ball did not exist at all. When I fell and felt a terrible pain, I thought that the championship of Russia on 15 March match in St. Petersburg against Zenit for me to start.

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