Ballack yearns for glory

Ballack yearns for gloryThe statistics knows all. And she says in favor of Michael Ballack. Despite stiff competition during the vote, the midfielder entered the national team 2002 version ahead of Ruben Gallego Baracho, "gunner" Patrick Vieira, leverkusens of Yildiray of Basturma and Shinji Ono from Feyenoord. Player of the German national team and Bayern Munich scored a record 39,23% of the total number of votes.Best Central midfielder in Europe? Apparently so. "It is a privilege to be among the best eleven - week high hit in his team Ballack. - And the fact that the fans have assembled a team that makes this recognition particularly pleasant."Popularity among fans, perhaps, remains the only trophy Ballack last year. The finalist of the last edition of the Champions League and German Cup in the composition of Bayer Leverkusen, the hero of the German national team at the last world Cup, a key player at Bayern, despite all his efforts last season and have not won anything."I had a good year, but in all four tournaments in which I participated, my team remained second, " said Ballack, remembering three failed finals and the title of Vice-Champions of the Bundesliga. - A pity I did not manage to win something, but opportunities abound. However, the biggest disappointment was the defeat in Yokohama, although I was not able to participate in the final match of the world Cup."Ballack missed the decisive match because of suspension. The yellow card in the semi-final against Koreans became for it fatal. "For the first time I felt really depressed," recalled the midfielder. Then it seemed to me that four years until the next world championship is a huge term. However, now I am in order, these are the rules of the game. Will try again in 2006".In the summer of 2002, Ballack moved to Munich, but his first European campaign on the "Olympiastadion" was not a success. Bayern have already stumbled at the first group stage of the UEFA Champions League. "Despite the good game, we failed to win a single match," recalls Ballack. - The team lacked the chemistry that appeared now."German does not deny that experiencing an acute envy, watching the second game of the group stage of the League. "You want to be out there again and chafe at the idea that they have not used their chance," said Ballack. - I understand that you need to concentrate on the remaining two tournaments, but the games of the second stage of the Champions League still hurt."His anger Bavarians tear in the Bundesliga. So, the champion of last year - Borussia Dortmund - already hopelessly behind the Munich club. Bayern is rapidly approaching his first trophy in two years. The only obstacle on the way to the title for Bayern, already 10 points ahead-of-their closest rivals, can only become excessive complacency. "The main thing is not to relax, warns Ballack. - A little tempted to keep themselves quite large, especially given our tasks."The overconfidence factor should be taken into account and the Germany coach Rudi the Feller. At the qualifying stage of EURO 2004? competition the Germans are the national teams of Scotland, Iceland, Lithuania and the Faroe Islands. In this company of Germany, is considered the favorite, and only the overestimation of their own strength can deprive her tickets to Portugal.However, Ballack is configured for a serious fight. "Yes, we are the favorites in the group, but everything can happen, anything," he admits. - Other teams may seem weaker, but still difficult to play even with the Faroe Islands. You should try to solve the problem of access to the final tournament as soon as possible so I can prepare for it".Not earning a single trophy in 2002, Ballack is not going to miss his next chance. Popularity and recognition is one thing, but unsatisfied ambition of the winner not to drown out any applause.Manfred Christoph.

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